Trump lawyer DiGenova calls for the execution of former DHS cybersecurity chief Krebs

During a call-in to the syndicated Howie Carr show simulcast at the ultra-rightwing Newsmax, lame duck Donald Trump’s lawyer Joe DiGenova called for executing Chris Krebs, the cybersecurity chief at the Department of Homeland…
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These types of statements that call for violence are known as “Stochastic Terrorism”. While the person calling for the action does not have to bloody his hands, his underlings, known and unknown, may take it upon themselves to fulfill the action and either kill the person targeted or execute general or symbolic violence instead.

We must not permit this behavior, as a society, for in this modern, crazy world there are too many crazies who take things seriously and act them out. DiGenova should be disbarred. Anyone calling for violence should be locked up for a while, especially these days with so many loonies out there.

Hopefully Trumpism will end since Trump LOST and Biden WON. But we’ve not reached the finish line of the inauguration and who knows what will happen between now and January 20, 2020.

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