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As a child, Skye was taken aboard ship numerous times by what she calls Alien Nurses that brought her to special classes in preparation for the restoration mission taking place on earth.  She claims that there are four evolutionary planets, she was taken by a benevolent ET race and placed on this timeline where you and I exist now.  Her mission was later confirmed as she watched her daughter being taken over by advanced mind control technologies. She learned that these technologies were given to various elites for technological warfare and many citizens were being experimented on without their knowledge.

She then recalled her training as a child and continued contact with what she calls “Light Beings! ” She explains how the Archon network is linked to these programs. She will teach us how to protect ourselves from these advanced forces. She also brings awareness to the deceptions that have been going on in government where these technologies were given to them by a  race of beings running part of the planet the are not in service to humanity.  Her spiritual approach assists in leading humanity closer to enlightenment rather than being victims.  Skye is an author sharing further detailed knowledge of her experience in her book called “Archons Mind Control and a Mom, A path to enlightenment!.

Skye comes from a political family in N.Y. as well as military. In the last few years, Skye has also had the opportunity to work with Ivolve T.V filming a large number of government whistleblowers and the most prominent people in UFOLOGY working to educate us.  She is also a cast member on the show “Transcending Realities”. To this day Skye claims she has continued communication with the Light Being’s that are educating many of us as to the realities that are going on on planet earth.

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Thursday October 25, 2018
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Saturday October 27, 2018

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Sunday October 28, 2018

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