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By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (UCLA), Certified Hypnotherapist

INTENTION: My purpose is to give you and a partner tools to recognize, accept and coordinate your parts (inner subselves, internal voices, aspects) from your Centers. 

One partner–the Guide–reads visualization cues to the other partner-the Explorer. 


Lie on your back. Get comfortable. Close your eyes.  Take deep, long breaths. Imagine your feet are getting heavy and warm; that blood goes to your feet that get heavier and warmer. [Pause several breaths]. Let heaviness spread into your calves. Your ankles and calves get heavy and sink toward the earth.  Let the heavy feeling move into your glutes and lower back.  The warm, heavy feeling spreads and relaxes shoulders.  Let heaviness and relaxation settle your chest and neck.  Your jaw gets heavy and relaxed.  Let go of your face muscles.

Imagine you’re a child resting in your bed in the place that you live.  Imagine that something’s about to happen that will connect you with the Montauk, Monarch, or Secret Space Programs.

Fantasize an encounter that leads to you and a partner tools to recognize, accept and coordinate your parts (inner subselves, internal voices, aspects) from your Centers.

Start with you in the bed.

Say the sequence of events as you live them experientially.  Let the scenes happen now for you in your mind; let your body react as you feel each event you relate.  Say what’s happening, what you think and how you feel in the present tense.

[Remind your partner to use present tense (suggesting, for example, s/he change her or his sentence, “The craft hovered outside my window” to “The saucer is hovering…”  Write all the elements the Explorer mentioned, background and foreground (saucer, window, ET, U.S. Military, Men in Black, choose a background element (examples, the examination table, the classroom, etc.]

Become the … [name of the background element, e.g. Exam table]. Use its voice and say what you’re like.  Start with, “I’m …” and describe yourself as the … [eg, the table]. ***

As the … [background element], talk to … [Explorer’s name].  Say your  function, attitude toward and relation with … [Explorer’s name]***

Shift your body and become yourself and reply. ***

Act-out a talk between yourself and the [say background element’s name].   Alternate gesturing, sounding and speaking as yourself and [background element] ***

Tell me the most striking person or being you encounter. ***

[Write this being’s label; say it aloud whenever you see “Being X”]

Now be  … [X]. Say what you’re like as … [X]; state your existence, qualities and characteristics and attitudes. ***

As [X], speak to … [Explorer’s name]. ***

Shift your body and become yourself and reply. ***

Respond as [X] to what the Explorer said. ***

Be yourself again. Dialogue, alternately playing yourself and [X] ***

Use present tense and continue the action. Make up the next episode and relate it to me. ***

One-by-one, speak as each of the rest of the characters, props and background details you encounter. ***

Enact dialogues among the beings, objects and scenery in your experience. ***

Imagine that … [select a mysterious being or object] has a zipper on its mask [or door that conceals something or someone –make the unmasking metaphor match the symbol].

Imagine unzipping the mask or opening the door. What do you behold under the mask [or behind the door]. ***

Reflect aloud upon what you learned about Monarch, Montauk and/or the Secret Space Program from this exploration. ***

Gradually come back into awareness of yourself here in this room, exploring the cues with me, your guide.

Open your eyes.  Pull your energy back from me; realize you now know how to conduct this sort of exploration on your own, without my reading to you.

CHANGE ROLES now.  Read me the cues to me. Speak to this person or object. ***


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