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My name is Ralph Rodehag and I was born in Sweden 1959. I had a nice childhood growing up filled with love and support. My biological father died when I was about 2 years old. My mother worked in the hospitals as a nurse and was a very loving person always caring for others. During my growth, I spent time both in Sweden and in the USA as I had an American stepdad (Howard Menger) and family. I was active in sports, had an interest to become a pilot since the age of 7 and did well in school. Eventually, I started flying. I started with soaring at age 15. I also was active in the military, learning about flying. This included the Royal Swedish Air Force, Civil Air Patrol and later the Swedish Army for my service.
I participated in an International Air Cadet Exchange 1976 where I visited Andrews AFB and met the tops of the USAF. I also went to Edwards AFB seeing the first space shuttle being built ( the Enterprise), the B1-B bomber being developed and built, the A-10 among things. We also went to Beale AFB to see the SR-71 which was new for that period. However, my interest in the military disappeared around the age of 20 as flying now became part of my life. I did training in Reading, PA. I flew as an instructor and commuter copilot for about 3 years but because of the economy in the US, I decided to go back to Europe in 1981 to try my luck there for an aviation career.
I eventually made European licenses and continued my path in Europe and today I am an airline captain on Boeing 737-800 aircraft with one of Europe’s leading airlines.
My interest in life came actually around the age of 15 when I read about UFO contacts and observations. However, as I was active both in sports, music, military and school the real interest really did not start until the age of 20. I had an unusual experience that caused me to start thinking about who I was and where we all go on this planet. This all happened in the US. My American stepdad (Howard Menger) was very much involved with this but I awoke independently to all this. I never had the influence of my mom or dad.
So this led me to start searching for who we are. I met very interesting people through time like a Royal Adviser, An Air Force Officer who was in charge of UFO investigation, a NATO commander, financial people who work in the top of our world. I met very different people with their own experiences as well as researchers who were very serious.
I have lived a very normal life, working and I have been married to a South American woman since 2008. We met in Luxembourg in the gym. I actively play golf and I try to make to become a golf instructor. Today, I actively study about our planet and how we are controlled. I have known this through my contacts for 30 years so many of the things that come out today are not really new but more detailed than I knew then. I have acquired some good knowledge throughout time and I wish to share this with my fellow humans for truth and hope for a better and a more free world in the future.
I have traveled a lot and I have studied cultures and religions. I have lived in the US, all of Western Europe and the Middle East. I have friends and acquaintances from the whole world. My conclusion is that we are just all humans on a very small planet in our universe. We may advance very far as a human race. The technology we possess is like science fiction to the public. However, advancement on the social and spiritual plane is equally important.
EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Airline pilot Ralph Rodehag discusses 9/11, UFOs, and more

Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio
Many courageous pilots have spoken out about 9/11. Now Ralph Rodehag joins them.

Do any commercial pilots actually believe the official story of 9/11? Not if they’ve taken a serious look at it. Most know or suspect, but are afraid to speak out. Today’s guest, Ralph Rodehag, is a courageous exception. -KB

Howard Menger (February 17, 1922 – February 25, 2009) was an American contactee who claimed to have met extraterrestrials throughout the course of his life, meetings which were the subject of books he wrote, such as From Outer Space To You and The High Bridge Incident. Menger, who rose to prominence as a charismatic contactee detailing his chats with friendly Adamski-style Venusian “space brothers” in the late 1950s, was accepted by some UFO believers.

Later in his life Menger stated in several documentaries that he believed he had misunderstood the space aliens and where they came from. He stated the space aliens did not live on Venus but they had bases on Venus or were passing by or exploring the planet. [1] [2] Menger also wrote about this newer position about where he believed the space people come from in one of his later books.

Menger states: “‘Years ago, on a T.V. program, when I first voiced my opinion that the people I met and talked with from the craft might not be extraterrestrial, it was thought that I had recanted. However, they (the aliens) said they had just come from the planet we call Venus (or Mars). It is my opinion that these space travelers may have by-passed or visited other planets (as we are planning) but were not native to those planets any more than our astronauts are native to the moon.'” [3]

Menger had religious revelations to impart after his “experiences,” and also came back from his contacts with practical messages.

When he was still young he moved with his parents to the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. His first alleged contact with a person from another planet was at the age of ten, in the woods near his hometown of High Bridge, New Jersey.[4] Shortly after leaving high school, he entered the United States Army and was attached to the 17th Tank Battalion. In later life he was often employed as a sign painter.

He died on February 25, 2009, at the age of 87.

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