Contact: Janet Kiera Lessin, Producer: 808-214-3442



October 25-28, 2018
RAMADA Midtown, Albuquerque, NM

We bring as a catalyst to you the world’s finest authors, researchers, savants, speakers, facilitators, healers, teachers and famous Contactees of great renown in the DISCLOSURE/ EXPERIENCER MOVEMENT thru a united vision.

This is the time of the grand awakening, the cutting-edge event of the eons, as we share unique wisdom of ancient aliens, break away civilizations, Annunaki creator Gods, time travel, underground bases, secret space program, UFO crashes and ET/UFO/AI Experiencer’s extraordinary stories & much more.

Oct 25-28, Albuquerque, NM

Stargate to the Cosmos is a collective movement for alien experiencers, CIA and astronaut whistleblowers, conscious contactees, alien and Inner Earth ambassadors, spiritual seekers, psychics, channelers, near-death experiencers, shamans, prophets, time travelers, serving and mustered-out super-soldiers, Secret Space Program people and the curious public.  The Stargate Expo offers dawn through late night experiential workshops, dynamic slideshows, evening entertainment, hypnotic regression training, vendor tables and even spiritual tantra practices in the newly redone Renaissance Hotel in downtown Albuquerque.  Professional facilitators keep everyone on track, supported and encouraged.

Famous contactees, savants, facilitators and researchers—
Andrew Basiago, Caroline Cory, Kevin Estrella, Stewart Swerdlow, Elizabeth April, Barbara Jean Lindsey, Jo Ann Richards, Karen Patrick, Niara Isley, Nadine Lalich, Len Kasten, Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Michael Lee Hill, Penny Bradley, Russell Brinegar, Laura Eisenhower, Rei Hernandez, Gloria Hawker, Alan Seinfeld, Jennifer Stein, Tony Rodriques, Theresa J. Morris, Tolec, Elizabeth April, Billy Carson, Chris Hardy, Brad Olsen, Suzanne Ross, Rob Potter, Sherry Wilde, Geraldine Oro, Jo Ann Richards, Randy Cramer, Alfred Webre, James Rink, Suzanne Ross, Su Walker, Suzy Hansen, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Robert Potter, Brooks Agnew, George Kavassilas, Dr. Raymond Keller, Byron Lacy, Joel Lakey, Eric Dadmehr, Victor Comacho, Dr. Joan Hangarter, Richard Smith, Dr. Louis Turi, Miesha Johnston, Eugene Braxton, Ken Johnston, Glenn Bogue, Solaris Blue Raven, Scott and Melanie McClure as well as Sasha and Janet Lessin and many others–share, support and guide us as we create real disclosure and community for old hands, newly awakened and preliminary explorers.


Janet Kira Lessin, Stargate’s Chief Focalizer, writes,
“We gather together in person and in hyperspace to explore the issues that affect our lives, synergize, share, examine, resolve and co-create sustainable solutions designed to catapult us and creation to the new paradigm, the Golden Age which supports a conscious, civilized civilization that honors life, Gaia (Mother Earth) and allows all to live in dignity, beauty, grace and authentic peace.”

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