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Nadine entered UFOlogy reluctantly and with great skepticism in 2004, after having kept secret for fifteen years her own experiences of contact. After publishing her first book on the subject and presenting her story in many interviews, a new aspect developed in 2008 that appeared to involve the military.

Employed for more than twenty-five years in the legal field as a paralegal and project coordinator, collecting, organizing and analyzing data was a daily aspect of her professional life. An avid researcher, for most of her adult life, she has maintained a pervasive interest in psychology, personal and spiritual growth, and healing techniques related to trauma and addiction. Driven by a strong fascination with the workings of the human brain and its potential for expansion, she has explored meditation, sound and light machines, sensory deprivation tanks, Neurolinguistics and subliminal programming, and natural healing remedies. The diversity of her studies and experiences has fostered a unique understanding of human psychology that has proven extraordinarily useful in researching contact experiences.

Nadine has written two books regarding UFOs and ET Contact: “Alien Experiences – 25 Cases of Close Encounter” (coauthored by psychotherapist Barbara Lamb) and “Alien Experiences Book 2: Evolution – Coming to Terms with the Extraterrestrial Presence” which will be released September 2018. She is also the author of the children’s book, Finding Happiness: A Magical Tale about the Power of Positive.
Nadine appeared in the New Paradigm Films’ documentary, “The Day Before Disclosure,” on Discovery Science Channel’s “Best Evidence: Alien Abduction,” and on Discovery Health’s “Alternatives to Healing.”

She has been a guest on numerous radio shows including Fringe Radio, Aquarian Radio, Inception Radio, Paranormal Radio, Global Focus, MUFON radio, and been a featured speaker and abduction panel speaker for MUFON Orange County and MUFON Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Paranormal Society, and UFO Con 2017 conference. Her website features a wide of variety of subjects related to UFOlogy, science and technology, conservation, preparation and survival, health and alternative healing and spiritual development.



EVOLUTION: COMING TO TERMS WITH THE ET PRESENCE: Highlights from my new book being released in September, this presentation will provide a general overview of my most dynamic conscious ET contact experiences, beings encountered, crafts, technology and methods of contact. The emotional, psychological and spiritual impact of ET contact, and the path of resolution that followed and led to a dramatically expanded view of the cosmos.

PROCESSING MILAB ENCOUNTERS: This presentation will focus primarily on personal encounters that developed later in life that featured solely human military abductions, as well as experiences that involved both military personnel working and several extraterrestrial species working together. The information will include details regarding underground and underwater bases, technology observed, specific military branches involved, and cloned humans. A focus will be placed upon the importance of processing and coming to terms with the negative implications related to MILAB experiences. The ultimate goal is the release of negativity and fear in order to live more peacefully with the truth of those experiences, thereby further expanding our ability to move into universal brotherhood with all species in the cosmos.

THE SPIRITUAL IMPACT OF COSMIC AWARENESS: This presentation will focus upon the dramatic spiritual unfoldment and development that is possible through contact with extraterrestrial beings, both physical and interdimensional. Personal growth and spiritual techniques that have proven useful in letting go of fear and resistance will be discussed, demonstrating an easier, more positive path to greatly expanding our consciousness and thereby our potential as cosmic citizens.


NO MORE VICTIM – EXPLORING THE POSSIBLE REASONS BEHIND ET CONTACT/ABDUCTION: This workshop will be a light-hearted look at the possible reasons that we, someone we know or the general public at large have experienced ET contact. There will be handouts for review, interesting written and group exercises and the free flow of open conversation amongst participants, with all perspectives welcomed. The goal of “No More Victim,” is to assist the participants to recognize their personal power and clarify their intentions related to our relationships with extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings.

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Alien Experiences Book I: 25 Cases of Close Contact: Barbara Lamb and Nadine Lalich

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