Meet WISDOM PERSONIFIED: Cues To Invoke, Catalyze & Download Knowing

From Lessin, Sasha-Alex, 2017, “Benefit from Extraterrestrial Contact ” in Experiencers: Conscious Contactees, J. Lessin, ed. 

Take turns with a partner as Reader and Explorer. As Reader, where, in the cues, you see three asterisks (***), pause for your partner–the Explorer–to answer. ### means you, as Guide say something.  Read text in square brackets [  ] silently.  Where you have a choice of pronouns (him or her, his or hers) that refer to the Explorer, use the pronouns right for him or her.] Have pen ready to take notes.  Read bold print below aloud now:

Get comfortable.  Close your eyes.  Breathe deeply, relax more each time you breathe out.  Imagine you step down ten stairs that wind down a spiral stone stairway.  Feel your hand slide your hand along the wooden banister as you go down.  Each time you breathe out, slide your hand along the banister, step down another stair and relax more deeply. [Silently, for ten breathes, breathe in and out exactly as the Explorer exhales and inhales; then say…]  Step off of the staircase and onto a landing.  On the landing, see a transporter platform.

[Trance-Porter Screen, Buttons, Holo Chamber, Event]

Step onto the transporter platform and look at the screen.  Notice today’s date, your current age, a number pad and buttons with symbols on them.  Push a button or combination of buttons to take you to the critical incident of extraordinary consciousness experience best for you at this time.  Let your Higher Consciousness choose a button for the experience that best serves your growth and well-being now. 

Notice how your body feels as you experience the transporter activating. 

SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SENSE AND INTUIT EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING as you first experienced it.  [Wait 10 breaths]

RELIVE & RELATE the experience as though it’s happening now.  Re-experience your encounter with aliens.  Relate what you re-experience in the present tense.  Notice even more details than you remembered before. ***

FOCUS ON ONE PERSON OR BEING. Consider one of the people or beings you encountered in the experience you accessed.  Imagine this person or being has a MESSAGE.  Get the message telepathically in words, pictures, song or riddle. Receive and remember what the person (or being) conveys to you. Say what you get. ***

IDENTIFY WITH THE OTHER.  Imagine you are the person or being that gives you a message.  Let yourself remote-view the world and yourself from the perspective of this other person or being.  Say your traits, characteristics and attitudes toward the experiencer? ***


Imagine the person or or being conveys FINAL WORDS to you; repeat these final words the person (or being) says to you. ***

The person or being gives you a physical OBJECT.  Take the object in your etheric hands.  Notice what you learn from contemplating it. Take the object with you and exit the holo room. [Pause]

RETURN TO THE TRANSPORTER platform. Go to the transporter platform.  Climb the stairs–one at a time–that leads you back to right here.

As you climb from the bottom step #10 to step #9, begin coming back to the present. More awake. 8, 7, 6, 5, becoming more awake.  4, 3, 2-–almost totally alert. 1–wake up, fully awake and alert

[Snap your fingers; give Experiencer time to re-orient.]

CHANGE ROLES now.  Read the cues to me.

See more cues at


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