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Livestream Tickets Available Now ~ Stargate to the Cosmos Expo 2018

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October 25 – 28, 2018


There are still tickets left for you to purchase to attend the 2018 Stargate to the Cosmos Expo in person at the Ramada Midtown Albuquerque, NM. And if you cannot make it in person you can still see part of the conference through our livestream event. Some of the conference will be available later through delayed broadcast. We have 6 tracks over 4 days so we’re filming it all as much as we can. Excitement is building, reaching new heights. It’s amazing the energy that’s gathering for the final push to birth the new Expo where we open hailing frequencies and launch the Stargate to the Cosmos.


8:00 AM – Expo Pods Encouragement Group Creation & Empathy Ceremony – Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin & Janet Kira Lessin

9:00 AM – Ambassador for the Light – Barbara Jean Lindsey

10:30 AM – Forbidden Archeology: The Mystery of Giants in our Ancient History – Brad Olsen

12:00 PM – Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet ~ Dr. Raymond A. Keller

1:30 PM – Life in the Secret Space Programs – General Hendricks (Joel Lakey) & Penny Bradley

4:30 PM – Waking the Sleepers: the Role of the Communicators – Suzy Hansen

6:00 PM – Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology & Coming New Race – Len Kasten


7:30 AM – JAames Rink: Lone Wolf Super Soldiers

9:00 AM – Our Infinite Nature – George Kavassilas

10:30 AM – Perks, Problems & Pledges From ET-Anunnaki Who Made Us – Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D & Janet Kira Lessin

12:00 PM – The Cosmic Plan Our Space Family Missions on Earth – Robert Potter

1:30 PM – The Dulce Base & Battle – Jo Ann Richards (W)

3:00 PM – “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: If Oz were Alien Disclosure” Elizabeth Anglin

4:30 PM – Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel – Len Kasten

6:00 PM – DNA/RNA – Linking Alien Ancestry with Soul Coding (Main Talk) You were programmed since the dawn of time
– Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops


8:00 AM – Why Your Aura Is Out Of Sync With Your Brain! Prof. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

9:00 AM – ET Experiences, Milabs, MK-Ultra, Monarch – YOU CAN Handle the Truth! Miesha Johnston

10:30 PM – Three Levels of Imposition – George Kavassilas

12:00 PM – Current Ascension Cycle – Laura Eisenhower

1:30 PM – Overlords of the Singularity – Russell Scott Brinegar

3:00 PM – Alien Quantum Technology: The ‘New Physics’ of Consciousness and Intelligent Light – Suzy Hansen

4:30 PM – The Reason for Mankind’s Existence – John Titor II – Lecture

6:00 PM – The Venusian Secret Science Of Ascension Teachings of Valiant Thor – Robert Potter (W)


8:00 AM – Practical Energy Work for the Beginner – Rev Gregory Kovacs

9:00 AM – Changes Throughout My Secret Life Made Me Whom I am Today – Gloria Hawker

10:30 AM – The Mars Colonies and Their Militia – Penny Bradley

12:00 PM – Inviting ET: How to Host Your Own CE5 Event – Su Walker & Rev. White Otter – Workshop

1:30 PM – Native American Anunnaki – Michael Lee Hill (Workshop)

4:30 PM – Dragon at the End of Time – Janet Kira Lessin

6:00 PM – Are You an Abductee, MILAB, MK-Ultra, Mind-Control, Targeted Individual, Super-Soldier or Secret Space
Program Draftee? Miesha Johnston

7:30 PM – “Yahweh, The Biblical God, Is An Alien” – Bible aliens and Ancient Alien Astronaut Theory explained
Rev. John Polk

For More Details on Speakers Click Here


“Stargate to the Cosmos” is a grass-roots advocacy movement designed to end the truth embargo and the atrocities perpetrated against humanity by the power elite that withhold vital information necessary for humans to live blissful lives. Everyone born has, as our birthright, as sovereign, sentient beings the basic right to live a peaceful, authentic life full of true happiness.

We at “Stargate to the Cosmos” are motivated by all wars and events where human rights and lives are threatened. We’re inspired by advocacy movements like “Me Too”, “March for Our Lives”, “Black Lives Matter”, the Civil Rights movement and the Woman’s Suffrage movement. We realize it’s time to end suffering and balance planet-wide inequality.

We see far because we stand upon the shoulders of giants that have come before us. We harness the energy of our ancestors, amass the strength of all people from all generations, honor all who’ve given their lives and fought against senseless atrocities and give birth to a new culture where humanity finally joins the Federation of Planets as equals with all beings.



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