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Jennifer Stein’s Films SITCHIN, WALTON & her latest on CROP CIRCLES


Jennifer Stein produced the memorial film about her mentor, Zecharia Sitchin, who translated clay tablets, statue bases and monuments scribes inscribed in ancient Sumer.

Friends, students, and family of Zecharia Sitchin’s gathered for a memorial service for Zecharia Sitchin in New York City in May of 2011. Jennifer W Stein, and jim Grapeck, both friends, students and former film support personnel for Zecharia produced this short memorial film for this special event. Zecharia is missed by all who knew him. He was a great teacher and inspiration to all of us.


by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. from Anunnaki: Gods No More

The late Zecharia Sitchin, expert in Sumerian and other ancient texts, translated clay tablets, statue bases and monuments scribes inscribed in ancient Sumer (now Iraq). The inscriptions said how a goldming expedition of technologically advanced people from the planet Nibiru–like us but taller and way more long-lived–called “the Anunnaki”(People from the Sky)–adapted their genome to our planet to create us Earthlings and how they conditioned us to work goldmines, then farms, factories, castles, armies, brothels and cities for them.

Sitchin examined the Nibiran Expedition sites all over Earth, immersed himself in the museums of our planet and focussed his studies especially on

1) the text Atra Hasis that told how Enki, Chief Scientist for the Expedition, manipulated Nibiran goldminers in southeast Africa to mutiny so he could justify the adaptation of the Nibiran genome to make the slave species from whom we descended,

2) The Epic of Gilgamesh that detailed the decision of Enlil, the Expedition Commander, to let us Earthlings–a slave species forbidden by advanced beings’ rules of planetary colonization, perish in the Deluge of 13,000 years ago,

3) The Erra Epos, where one of the two warring Anunnaki blamed the other for the nuclear holocaust that decimated Canaan, Iraq and Sinai in 2024 BCE,

4) The Book of the Secrets of Thoth that Enki’s son Ningishzidda hid in an underground chamber, and, of course,

5) The Bible of the Hebrews, written centuries after, when the Hebrews were in exile in Babylon, after 586 BCE.

6) Sitchin constructed The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God as a synthesis of the above. Get the sweep of this work, excerpted at Anunnaki Chronology Link click-me



On November 5, 1975, a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona observed a strange, unusually bright light in the sky. One of those men, TRAVIS WALTON, recklessly left the safety of his truck to take a closer look. What happened next sent his companions fleeing in fear. When Travis failed to reappear, the men were suspected of murder. For five days authorities mounted a massive manhunt in search of Walton or his body. Walton eventually reappeared, disoriented and initially unable to tell the details of his terrifying encounter. His book Fire in the Sky provides an account of his experience. A major motion picture was also made with the same name.

Listen to “Sacred Matrix with Travis-Walton-Hosts-Sasha and Janet Lessin-2016-11-06” on Spreaker.

In 2015 Jennifer won Open Minds’ International UFO Congress EBE film festival awards for her film Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton.
See more at

Travis Walton & Jennifer Stein Preview of Travis Walton documentary:


Jennifer Stein ilr5onjvJennifer Stein earned her Bachelors of Science, in Textiles from the University of Arizona. She is an artist, entrepreneur, activist, a student of ancient civilization, and documentary filmmaker. Jennifer is a self-taught filmmaker who never went to film school. She is an entrepreneur who started making films in the 1990’s while running non-profit organizations, raising her two children, and running a special events business.

Harnessing the power of the moving visual image to educate, inspire and empower, Jennifer uses film to help achieve important goals. Her interest are wide, like peace projects, sensible gun ownership legislation, environmental awareness, and appreciation of ancient history, archaeology, and artifacts, UFO’s crop circles, and Yoga, meditation, macrobiotics, ESP to name a few…

Her long list of film work is published and up at her film website  “Winge” is he maiden name. It’s Norwegian.  By adding ON to the front of the maiden name she created her first email address and it stuck as a film corporation name many years later. In 2012 Jennifer won two Open Minds’ International UFO Congress EBE film festival awards for her co-production of the Disclosure Dialogues with Ron James.

She again succeeded in winning two more EBEs at the 2015 Open Minds’ film festival for her film Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton. Jennifer has produced numerous video treatments for speakers in the UFO field and hosts her own cable network television show in Radnor. She founded Main Line MUFON, 12 years ago, an organization in the Philadelphia suburbs, which serves as a regional education arm for the Mutual UFO Network and Noetic Science’s “Shift in Action” for South Eastern PA.

Jennifer is a State Section Director and field investigator for MUFON. Her regular monthly program meets at the Tredyffrin public Library in Strafford Pa. For more information visit her sites at: and


Jennifer, a student of crop circles, gives a presentation on them at Stargate to the Cosmos Expo in Albuquerque NM Oct 25-28 2018. She reviews crop circle in the United States and Canada. Come to the Stargate to the Cosmos Expo Oct 25-28 to see Jennifer’s presentations, panels and workshops.

One crop circle in U.K. spells out Ea (Enki’s milk name).

Turn your monitor or yourself on your side to watch this one:


References click here

Anunnaki Chronology Link click-me

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