From Dance of the Souls:  Pierce the Veil **  by Janet Kira Lessin, CEO, Aquarian Media  

Experiencer*** Janet Kira Lessin’s reality differed from her family’s. 

She could sense and communicate with beings beyond the normal range of sight and sound.  

Janet shares the model of extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, bi-local and past and future life reviewing and previewing what she learned from her path. 

She teaches how to cast paranormal experiences in the framework of a lifelong HERO-JOURNEY*** of self-discovery to acquire boons for all humanity from aliens and spiritual guides.

* Dance of the Souls:  Pierce the Veil  by Janet Kira Lessin, CEO, Aquarian Media

Souls dance through time constantly changing relationship dynamics while eternally entwined. The web of tantra weaves through existence and all beings and all relationships.

Kira reflects on her continual stream of lives through time and multi-dimensions, from third-dimensional physicality to Oneness and her connection to Source, all that there is and ever will be and all beings.

The Dance of the Souls is the story of the existence of that essence of Source and all that it has seen, done, been, experienced, influenced, affected and all who have interacted with that soul since the first thought and the realization that I am that I am.

We only get to dance for a short while. Our lives are brief, but a moment in time. We are born, live, die, here one moment, gone the next, in the blink of an eye, a twinkle in time. Yet, the dance of the souls is eternal.

We flow, ebb and tide, weave the threads of our lives, our existence, essence itself in the never-ending dance of relationships. We constantly change roles and partners like an old-fashioned country square dance. We go round and round, lifetime after lifetime.

We are parent/child, husband/wife, brother/sister, mother/father, friend/foe, lover/enemy, hero/villain, boss/employee, master/slave, perpetrator/victim, maimer/maimed, killer/killed over and over throughout eternity. Life’s not limited to life here on Earth, human forms, planets, dimensions, solar systems, galaxies or vibratory frequencies.

We can be anywhere. In many ways, we are everywhere all at once. “In The Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil,” author Janet Kira Lessin explores one soul’s existence, her own, as she travels through eternity and interacts with her twin flame and souls mates, those with whom she has shared and interacted with since the beginning, shaping and forming all elements of reality. Together they create it all, the play is performed and they are it all – stage, script, writer, producer, director, actor, lights, camera, action. Their dance creates experiences, diversity, emotions and all that encompasses life and existence itself.

In the course of co-creation souls eventually become conscious and realize their oneness, that they are eternally connected and the I that is me that is we is the I that I am that is all that I am. The story’s autobiographical, not limited to one life, inclusive of all spanning billions of years to the dawn of the creation of the Earth herself. I, the author tell it all, bare my soul for if the tale is not told now, then when? How can I possibly have ever lived if I am not somewhere in time truthful with what life has been?

Just because what I have experienced is outside the traditional box, does not invalidate it or make it less than other existences that were more “normal” and conformed to traditional expectations of what life should be.

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**In EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES, Janet Kira Lessin and her writers invite you to join their community of ambassadors of more loving consciousness. Tune into the benign awarenesses in space, other dimensions, Inner Earth and your very own DNA. Open to beings that urge us to survive, stop suffering, thrive and ascend to a loving, spiritually-oriented cooperative planet. 

Experiencers until the recent past kept their encounters private to avoid ridicule, punishment or even pluralistic ignorance of how many millions have had ET, paranormal or spiritual experiences. They and you too maybe have had 3D encounters, near-death experiences, rebirths, remote views, astral visits, guide visitation, ghost communication, teleportation, entheogenic journeys, hypnotic regressions and deep meditations. You’ve boarded alien craft, been on Admiralty, Corporate and extraterrestrial bases. Together, let us lower the veils of the perverted paradigm that shroud the loving oneness that is our spirit-right. Remember who we really are beneath the matrix; our souls remember we are one with each other and all. 

According to the latest surveys, millions have been abducted by aliens. One contactee revealed that he was told by ET that all human beings are taken at punctuated periods of their lives, tested and analyzed for various factors known only by ET, and then some are chosen for ongoing contact throughout their lives. Based on that information we’re all experiencers yet don’t know it because the memories of our encounters are blocked. 

Abductees are among the groups that are studied by Experiencer organizations such as F.R.E.E. aka The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters.  Experiencer categories include NDEs (near-death experiences), OBEs (out of body experiences), Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, hypnotic regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences. Thus we focus on all types of paranormal contact experiences.



by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

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Process pain to its uplifting inner myth. Perceive the patterns pain pinpoints for you to improve. Pain, processed, propels progress yours and humanity’s.

Grasp the bigger picture; rise above the particulars you experienced. Pain punctures your complacency so you can prune your patterns. Let wounding waken you.

In the rite at, tell the tale of your torment like a legend. Symbols and metaphors turn trauma to transformation. Sacred saga stimulates spiritual ascent.

Relive major emotional hurts in your life, how you suffered from conception till now.

Recall when the womb, birth, illness or accident hurt you.

Review times someone invaded, abused, raped, tortured or robbed you.

Feel again when you lost trust, job, home, status, fortune, marriage, family, sanity, self-esteem, loved ones.

See the effects good and bad of each injury.

What did you want in each situation? Find the motifs threaded through them.

Retell the history of your hurts again as a hero myth.

Instead of saying “I,” speak of a mystical child, god, animal, plant, another person or being on another planet.

Include a call to adventure, guides, ordeal, reward, maturity gain. Start with, “Once upon a time …”

Forgive the people and forces who hurt or betrayed you.

Resolve the story in a way that helps the hero and the world.

Fathom the moral of the fable, the purpose of the pain.

Next time you hurt, make it epic. Evoke an archetypal pattern that gives your personal loss meaning: growth for you, your group and the globe.

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply. With each breath, relax more.


Imagine a voice softly calling you from once-upon-a-time.

Lift a finger when you hear it.

You’re drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a kid.

Raise your finger when you see it.

Smell pleasant scents here.

Your private place has a door leading to the wondrous realm.

Open the door and see steps down.

Grasp the rail and step onto the smooth wooden steps.

Descend ten steps to the landing.

With each step, relax more. With each, breathe more deeply.

Get in a boat at the landing.

Curl up on cushions in the boat.

Feel safe and drowsy as the boat gently rocks and drifts. It beaches on the shore in front of the gate.


Encounter a creature or force who will help you pass the guardian.

See your helper near the gate.

Pretend for a moment you are that helper. Raise your finger when you start to feel what it’s like to be Helper.

Say what you are like as Helper.

As Helper, tell your person how you can help her or him.


Be yourself on your quest again.

Imagine you approach the gate and its guard.

Become the guardian.

State your existence, Guardian. Challenge the person approaching the gate.


Now become yourself and confront the guardian.

Talk to it/her/him.

Make up and tell the story of how you defeat or get by the guardian.

In it, get help from your helper.


Experience and triumph in the greatest imaginable test.


Gain the reward, take the boon.


If you’re blessed by the powers, go under their protection. If not, flee, encountering obstacles.

Describe your exit.

At the threshold, leave behind the powers of the realm and re-emerge with your boon.

Find the boat drifted on the beach. Get in and fall deeply asleep. Become dimly aware that the tide is rising, lifting and gently rocking the boat. Know that you’re safe as the boat drifts back to the landing. Go up the steps to the sanctuary.


Become the boon, the gift you have brought back to the world.

State your existence as this boon. Tell humanity your significance.

Now become yourself again, deeply relaxed. As I count from ten to one, become increasingly alert. Ten, nine, eight–you’re becoming more alert. Seven, six five, four–get ready to be wide awake. Three, feel relaxed and refreshed. Two, feel alert and wonderful. One–WAKE UP.






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