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by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA)

Read about our history of contact with Agartha at http://wp.me/p1TVCy-43J

In 1977, John Leith interviewed P. Haammaann, who lived in the U.S. with an Iceland Visa. Haramann’s from ATTURIA, one of the old German-speaking nations of the Inner Earth. Leigh describes Haamaan: “Six-foot three, built like a football player, looked like a modern Scandinavian.”

Haamaan told Leith the Earth’s mantle is honeycombed with underground tunnels and caverns which open to the surface in specific, policed places. “There are tunnels at various depths containing very ancient and vast civilizations. We use the tunnels to commute between [the Atturian capital], Shamballa and the subterranean Kingdom of the Far North under Siberia. Openings exist in the USA. There are major cities supported by steel domes under the Ice Caps of the Polar Regions. The Antarctic, ice-covered polar cities connect by train tunnels to subterranean mantle cities. A third of the tunnel cities are natural and the remainder man-made.

Haammaan’s Atturia is a country of 300 million people beneath Antarctica. He lived in the Atturian capital, SHAMALA, a city of several million Sanskrit-speaking people. Atturia, like the other Agarthan cities, is part of a large, peaceful confederation under the overall peace that supervised by the underworld kingdom of Bodland.

Haamaan told Leith that in the Hollow Earth, “We have an artificial sun 600 miles in diameter. Our artificial sun lights up our interior world. That sun takes its energy via crystal receivers from the outside sun and stores it, but the harmful rays are not transmitted.

Shambalans ride magnetic spacecraft, air-cushioned electric trains and four-wheeled cars, trucks and buses powered by magnetic, hydroelectric, nuclear fusion as well as solar energy from their artificial sun.

Agarthans may travel to any Inner World country without a visa; all are at peace backed by Bodlanders’ antigrav craft. There is at the same time a colony Eskimos who continue their traditional livestyle in Agartha.

Read about our history of contact with Agartha at http://wp.me/p1TVCy-43J


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