FUTURE OR PARALLEL LIFE: Visualize & Connect

Preview of HYPNOSIS, ET & UFO CONTACT, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, IMPRINTS, OTHER LIVES, MISSING TIME & PARANORMAL PHENOMENA: Workshop by Dr. Lessin and Janet–Certified Hypnotherapists– at the Stargate to the Cosmos Expo, Oct 25-28, 2018 in Albuquerque NM


[Take turns with a partner as Reader and Explorer. As Reader, when (in the cues) you see three asterisks (***), pause for your partner–the Explorer–to answer. ### means you, as Guide say something. Read text in square brackets [ ] silently. Where you have a choice of pronouns (him or her, his or hers) that refer to the Explorer, use the pronouns right for him or her. Have pen ready to take notes. Read bold print below aloud now:]

Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Imagine you step into a TIME TRAVEL BOOTH–a one-chair chronovisor. Imagine you sit in the chair and a monitor with a touchscreen.

The menu options on the screen are

Your finger automatically touches the menu just right for you. Tell me which option–Future, Other Dimension, Other Planets or Spacecraft–your finger activates. ***

Feel your body sensations as the booth, chair and your body become plasma-like, morph and transport you beyond ordinary space-time to a future, other-FUTURE OR PARALLEL LIFE: Visualize & Connect other-planet life. Step out of the chronovisor. Enter a future or simultaneous life.

Slowly take in people, buildings, vehicles and the world to which the time machine delivered you.

Whom and what do you see, hear, smell, taste and experience emotionally? ***

Go to where you sleep in this other time or place. Describe your home. ***

See who lives here with you. Say who you see. ***

See (and tell me as you do) the roles and routine of the people, animals and devices in this existence. ***

What technology, resources, food, sanitary facilities do you notice? ***

Focus on each one of the adults, children or animals with whom you’re most involved. Tell me how you relate to each. ***

How do they treat you? ***

What sort of status do you have here? ***

Describe a day, a week and a year in this alternative time and/or place. ***

Clue me into the work, play, politics, spiritual practices, social organization and sexual practices here. ***

Something big for you is about to happen. Let it happen [long pause]. Describe what happens as you live it. ***

See and tell me the main TURNING POINTS OF THE LIFE you’re re-experiencing. ***
Return to the chronovisor. Slowly open your eyes.

Do any of the people or situations in the alternate time and/or place to which you transported remind you of people in your present life? ***

CHANGE ROLES now. Read me the cues to me.

Learn about hypnosis and how it opens portals to the “Other-Sphere” at Earth at the STARGATE TO THE COSMOS EXPO October 25-28, 2018, Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, NM 808-214-3442. To register:

At the Stargate expo, Dr. Lessin and Janet–Certified Hypnotherapists–give a presentation called HYPNOSIS, ET & UFO CONTACT, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, IMPRINTS, OTHER LIVES, MISSING TIME & PARANORMAL PHENOMENA. There, the Lessins monitor you as you take turns leading each other with cue-sheets that teach you how you can explore UFO and alien encounters, missing time, childhood imprints, past-life experiences, future lives, implants, simultaneous lives. With the cues, you can also explore pregnancies without intercourse, near-deaths (NDEs), contacts with the deceased, attachments, military and men-in-black abductions or spiritual experiences. You keep the cue-sheets for further safe, self- and partner-hypnosis tools.

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