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From Abductee to Ongoing Conscious Experiencer–NADINE LALICH’S NEW BOOK

Nadine Lalich presents slide shows, panel discussions and in-depth workshops at the Oct 25-18 2918 STARGATE TO THE COSMOS EXPO in Albuquerque NM.  Her new book’s entitled EVOLUTION: COMING TO TERMS WITH THE ET PRESENCE

In 1991, camping in a remote area of Sedona, Arizona Nadine experienced intelligent, non-terrestrial life forms. Contacts continued and Nadine witnessed
non-terrestrial species
advanced technology
hybrid production, cloning
devices implanted in humans,
emotional manipulation,
future revelations
military/alien conspiracy

Read all about and hear podcasts of Nadine’s experiences, as well as those of other contactees, ambassadors, supersoldiers, secret space program slaves, clones and awakened hybrids at

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