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First Set of Stargate To The Cosmos Videos on Vimeo Now

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The first set of Videos from Stargate To The Cosmos are up on Vimeo.


JoAnn Richards — Secret Bases in Africa
There have been a number of stories about secret underground alien/military facilities over the first decades of the 21st century. Many of them seem to have come at a rather high cost for those who first spoke about them. Few reports have touched on the highly interesting reports concerning such bases in places like Africa. Alien bases have existed there for thousands of years, and are well known both in the local legends of the humans who still live in those lands, and the events over the 20th century. In many ways, the interplay between humans and the aliens of Africa has been far more open and involved for centuries than in the West. This information is from a report recently released by Capt. Mark Richards.”

Laura Eisenhower  — The Current Acension Cycle
Laura will discuss the rehabilitation process that humanity will need to go through, as more and more crimes against humanity become revealed and as Disclosure begins to take center stage. She will discuss ET government Treaties, her attempted recruitment to go to a Mars Colony and she will help us to understand where we are in the current Ascension Cycle. She will help us to have more discernment in these times, through empowering Soul Alchemy into our Organic Ascension.

James Rink — Ultra MK, MILABS, Super Solider
starseeds incarnations
– what is reincarnation
– multiple lifetimes
– living in multiple avatars at once
– the multiverse
– astral projection
– why do we incarnate?
– why is there a free will choice of an incarnation?
– lots more

Penny Bradley — The Mars Colony and Their Militia

A description of the Aries Prime colony in the early stages, in the German-speaking sector. The Marishe Heimschild [Martian Homeshield] is their version of Earth Defense Force and I served in it during the Mars War with the Raptors and Mantids. Using art I have had done and art from the Internet, I will show the type of technologies and other intelligent life forms I encountered on Mars from 1964 to 1990. About 75 minutes.

Mapping out the Secret Space Programs. Based on the combined memories from the FB group, we have mapped out a significant number of the various programs in space, who runs what and how they interact with each other. Also which ET groups ‘sponsor’ which programs and clues to their agendas.

Mind control in SSP veterans, or “why can’t we remember more?” An overview of the methods used to mind fracture the assets, which agencies use which methods primarily, and how remembering seems to work. Includes my personal memories from mind fracture and psi weaponization at Langley from 1959 to 1964.

Margaret Van Coops — Why Your Aura is Out of Sync With Your Brain


George Kavassilas — Three Levels of Imposition
This is a very rich and deep exposé.
I will attempt to explain what I have experienced and am continuing to experience regarding this most critical issue of our time: the imposition into our world of a distorted/malevolent Technical Intelligence Entity, commonly known as an Alien AI God, along with the opposing force in this grand cosmic dialectic, the God Entity of religions.
For the record — The natural order of life resides beyond this Dialectic.

Gloria Hawker  — Changes throughout my secret life made me whom I am today

I loved the normalcy of life as it was then. All I needed in my life was the important roles of being a wife, mother, daughter and sister and friend. I was surrounded by the ups and terrible downs given to this family, as the downs of life became unbearable, or at least I thought!

Until one unexplainable evening in late September of 0f 1988, our lives were turned upside down and inside out forever. I thought our family life could never experience the trauma of invasions and abductions coming from “UNGODLY CREATURES “.

These “UNGODLY CREATURES” apparently pinpointed me (Gloria) for unknown reasons and for quite a long time. Panic, fear and not knowing who these creatures are and where did they come from, I thought, I’M INSANE!” “CRAZY!” “I’M THE ONLY ONE!’’ Thus the beginning of my “Secret Life” began.

Elizabeth Anglin — Alien Abduction Experiences
“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: If Oz were Alien Disclosure”
Discussion of Alien Abduction Research at Harvard, (a joint human/alien attempt at disclosure) regressions, issues with the current scientific paradigm, real scientists who won’t touch it, media and organizations such as CSICOP.

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