Eric Dadmehr

Eric Dadmehr

Greetings from Eric the Healer! I am very honored to be able to speak and M/C again with friends I love and trust. I have been very lucky all my life born Scorpio / Chinese Year of the Tiger at 11:11 pm in Sacramento, California, but I grew up in Tehran, Iran, and Stavanger, Norway since my parents were born in those countries and traveled around the world many times before I was ten.

I visited many megalithic ancient sites in Persepolis, Shiraz, and Isfahan, counting everything, studying the symbols well, since I was illiterate in Cuneiform. It was easy for me to see that winged disks were flying from somewhere here, just like the UFOs in cartoons and giving information to the people like how to plant seeds and farm! These early years influenced my choice of earning a BA in Fine Arts at UCLA in 1986 but staying many post-graduate years until 1992 and studying Art History to produce for TV and film. The secrets have been preserved in art, that is why we went to the museum first in the war with Iraq!

I have always been a public speaker somehow getting on soapbox wooden crates talking about strange topics others found crazy, mostly UFOs. I was always different somehow but proud and not embarrassed. They laughed at me for being different and I laughed back because they were all the same! I was blonde in Iran standing out of the crowd like my mother and sister, and then when I came back to the US in 1971 was wearing colored socks and underwear in the US being different again since they all wore white! My high school class voted me the guy to go greet the aliens if they landed back in the 1970s!

I went to as many conferences as possible growing up and stayed to speak with the speakers afterwards to became friends with many until I became a speaker myself. Several speakers I was lucky to befriend early were Jim Marrs, Eustace Mullins, Richard Hoagland, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Phil Schneider, Al Bielek, Dali Lama, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Masuru Emoto, and many others I am not thinking of right now.

When I got my first job in the government where they gave me my own computer, I went online to quickly to become even more educated by pushing the limits. That’s how I found Googling 11:11 and hooked up with Saeed David Farman to influence his topics of discussion. I told him to put keywords in his posters even if they weren’t going to be talked about, words like Chemtrails, Sodium Fluoride Rat Poison, the Excitotoxin Aspartame Methanol Toxicity, Crop Circles, AI Artificial Intelligence, and now the most important topic we will ever discuss, the coming 5G Wireless Network called “The Beast!”

I spoke and M/Ced for where I met Janet and Sasha several times, then spoke for for Sierra Neblina, then for Julian Forrest, and finally Star Knowledge Conference for Chief Golden Light Eagle. I had my own talk show at Truth Cat Radio called “Love Vibrations” for Steven Kelley, but currently, speak at New Earth Events for Dale Price. I have been on many panels and made cameo appearances at other conferences speaking impromptu whenever possible since I am always ready to get up on the stage being a Leo Rising!

List and Titles of Presentations:

Coconut Oil Pulling for better teeth and health! I talk about oil pulling to remove bacteria from the three miles of dental tubules in EACH tooth that we digest all day long screwing up our heart and health. Oil pulling with coconut oil is an excellent way to reverse cavities and detox radiation besides healing the gum line! I can speak and / or do a workshop with this presentation easily.

History of False Flag Operations (from Germany to Amerika). I speak about how we still have false flag operations and their method of operation (Modus Operendi). I speak about “Crisis Actors” and show how impossible it is for the same victims to keep showing up at different events. I give photographic evidence and irrefutable facts using their own information against them. This can be made into any length of discussion since I have so much information from all the different False Flag Operations.

Mandela Effect. Nelson Mandela died in jail in the 1980s in my timeline but when he became President of South Africa, many people questioned when he died because they too remember him dying in jail. When you go to Google “trends,” you can see how many people asked and when they asked. That is why they coined the term Mandela Effect because he was the first example they realized that things are different here in this timeline than the one we are from and remember. My father saw the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island and climbed inside the torch but not in this timeline dad! There are literally thousands of excellent examples you too will remember differently. I can speak on stage or in a workshop about this.

5G Wireless Network called “The Beast” is coming by 2020! This is the final nail in our coffin and the most important talk I can be giving. There is a “Kill Grid” being set up and this network attacks our water molecules with microwaves in addition to our oxygen molecules. Bacteria grows and multiplies quickly when hit with microwaves. Top scientists around the world are uniting to defeat this Endgame move to  kill humanity. After looking at all the evidence, you too will be convinced that not only is there a Trans-human agenda, but there is a culling of the nation as well meaning they are killing off the week and poor directly attacking certain DNA profiles. I use government leaked reports and whistleblower information in addition to how we can prepare ourselves to stay healthy and transmute all sickness and disease.

Flat Earth Proof (200 proofs if you like). It really doesn’t matter if the Earth is flat since we all live in a Matrix Illusion Star Trek-like Holo-deck. The math shows us the Earth is flat since bridges and canals are straight and it would be impossible to see lighthouses or far away island if the world was really round. My friend Eric Dubay proves it many times in his great videos I have watched over and over. The key to all of this is that it explains hollow Earth as well and where we might have come from through the North Pole Hole Hell-O! I talk about “The Bock Saga” and  Olaf Jansen’s Journey to the North Pole in addition to classic tales describing the same things like in Epic of Gilgamesh, and Ulysses. This talk too can go on stage for as long as you like since there are so many proofs of fake NASA stealing our money.

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Eric the Healer Dadmehr
(916) 696-1231
I am a public speaker educating the public about how Fukushima was weaponized, how we have a patent on Ebola ( US Patent # CA 2741523 A1, and the cure is colloidal silver by the way), and the Rockefellers own the Zika Virus since 1947, other major health issues like GMOs, fake global warming to sell carbon credits, Planet X, chem-trails (barium, strontium, and nano aluminum), fracking causing earthquakes, selling our public parks, and the drought we created on purpose to change laws about water (so they are attacking our water and food to control us for corporate greed) and 9-11. Why is it illegal to fight cancer in any other way besides Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery in America? America owns the US Patent Cure for all Cancers # 6630507 Cannabis Oil! Valiant Thor came from Venus in 1957 (really he came here even earlier) and stayed for three years at the Pentagon given VIP Access and then gave us all the answers to our world problems, free energy, cures to all diseases and old age but the heads of CIA and Military vetoed President Eisenhower and Vice Nixon because they said it would ruin our economy! Valiant Thor replied if you don’t take this information, you will ruin your economy! And that’s where we are today! Watch the new movie based on this true story called, “Stranger at the Pentagon!” I will be speaking about “The Mandela Effect,” False Flag Events from 9-11 to Las Vegas Babylon, and Flat Earth Proofs (Operation Fishbowl Firmament Dome). Check out this warning from the Annunaki (our parents that manipulated our DNA) I have been an M/C for GalacticUniversity, AlchemyEvent, EarthShift, Star Knowledge Conference 11:11 (I was born at 11:11pm), as well as a speaker and producer of panel discussions. I am “The California Kid” who put French fries on his burgers and in his burritos that they named the style after (really), and I was the guy who gave Jesse Ventura the FEMA Camp information about the coffin liners and the Civilian Inmate Handbook (check Agenda 21 and Eugenics). I still work at Food, Drug, and Radiation Safety (Oxymoronic) in the State of California..
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Mandela Effect

I cried when Nelson Mandela died in jail in the late 1980s. Later when he became President of South Africa, I asked people if they remembered him dying before? I knew something was seriously wrong and that I was somewhere else than I was before. My wife and father are different people. My father does remember visiting the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island and climbing inside but I told him not in this timeline dad! Statue of Liberty is on Staten Island in New Jersey and there was a terrorist act 100 years ago which weakened the statue and people haven’t gone inside in over a hundred years! There are thousands of examples different here that you might remember like Mirror mirror on the wall is now Magic Mirror on the wall in Snow White and the Monopoly Guy doesn’t have a monocle, Mickey Mouse has no suspenders, there is no hyphen in Milk Duds or Kit Kat, etc.

False Flag Operations (Agenda 21)

All these shootings have been choreographed with “Crisis Actors” and they used to find them. Some appear in many false flags! We are a corporation called Earth Inc. Our country went Bankrupt on March 9th, 1933. To learn more about this we have to study the Rule of Necessity, the War Powers Act, and the Emergency Banking Act, 48 stst. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent, H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress in session June 5th, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and ABROGATE The Gold Clause dissolved the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. UNITED STATES CONGRESSIONAL ECORD, March 17th, 1933 Vol. 33

5G “The Beast”

We are being attacked with something we can’t see, very close to us, in our pockets and in our houses, and about everywhere we go! Chemtrails (what they call the class in the Air Force) contain barium, strontium, and Nano-Aluminum which acts like an antennae since the nano particles cross the blood brain barrier. If you take a bath with distilled water and drop a hairdryer in it, you won’t get electrocuted! But if you are sitting in tap water, you will because the junk in the water conducts electricity. the same way we have to be pure and drink distilled water so the electrical junk Wi-Fi won’t affect us as much! Also taking Epsom salt baths removes the antennae and Magnesium spray. We are copper deficient and calcium deficient because of  all this aluminum which is also in soil killing our food (Agenda 21). We should also speak about AI Artificial Intelligence and Black Goo!

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Coconut Oil Pulling to detox radiation and correct teeth and gumline.

Did you know that there are three miles of dental bacteria in EACH tooth? The bacteria is lipid (fat) based so we can magnetically draw it out using another oil (coconut). Begin each morning by flossing if you didn’t the night before and then take a tablespoon of raw unrefined coconut oil to swish in mouth around teeth for  five minutes and then spit it out in the garbage can and repeat for three more times for a total of twenty minutes. This way you are getting fresh oil and taking a quick break. I salivate a lot so it is good to start over. Imagine you are pulling nails off a magnet to get more nails so to speak. This is how I made oil pulling better.

How I live my healthy life, what I eat, and how I incorporate exercise into my daily routine to look and feel the way I do. Superfoods I use in my morning cereal. Where to find healthy organic superfoods. Meditation, Tantric sex, how to eat (salad last, drink later and no alcohol with food).

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