ERECTUS (Neanderthal, Mother of Bigfoot) OUR OTHER ANCESTOR

Around 300,000BCE: People from NIBIRU (Anunnaki) added proto-Bigfoot genes to their genome to make us to work for them.

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from ANUNNAKI, GODS NO MORE*  by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

Around 300,000 BCE, Lucifer (Enki)**, Chief Scientist for the Anunnaki Goldmining Expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth, left the goldmines he’d established in south Africa. Enki put his vizier, Ennugi, in charge of the mines and went North, the Great Rift Valley. There, Enki, his sister-lover Ninmah and his son Ningishzidda studied Homo Erectus.

Erectus, an intelligent, fire-using, empathetic hominoid (ancestor of modern Neanderthals (Sasquash, Bigfoot, Alma, Agogwe, Yeti). Enki saw Erectus genes as key to adaptations Anunnaki would need to create an adapted servant race on Earth.

Erectus reasoned, lived cooperatively in groups, and communicated telepathically rather than speaking. Erectus displayed empathy and compassion for his fellows and other creatures and even freed animals from Enki’s traps. Enki hoped the adapted mineworkers he intended to create would generate a hybrid race for Earth free of the Nibiran obsession with one upmanship that led Nibirans to nuclear wars and king-killing. He wanted to make a hybrid race that would create a peaceful civilization that would thrive on Earth after the Anunnaki finished their gold-extraction and returned to Nibiru.

Enki built a lab in Zimbabwe where he, Ningishzidda and Ninmah could experiment.

ERECTUS (Neanderthal, mother of Bigfoot) OUR OTHER ANCESTOR

We descended mainly from Homo Sapiens and Homo Erectus.  In this post we introduce Erectus.

Modern Neanderthal-Bigfeet are descendants of Homo sapien Anunnaki from Iraq who combined their semen and mitochondrial DNA to create our race.

Erectus and her descendant, Bigfoot, have flat noses, large eye-sockets, hair-covered bodies, no foreheads, skulls crammed down between their shoulders, brow ridges, flat feet, no chins, and hands that reach below the knees.

Neanderthals exist today as Bigfoot like Zena for extensive discussion



Bigfoot varieties on Earth nowadays all have
>flat noses,
>large eye-sockets,
>hair-covered bodies,
>no foreheads,
>skulls crammed down between their shoulders (instead of long necks like we have),
>brow ridges,
>flat feet,
>no chins,
>hands that reach below the knees.

These modern Neanderthals are scattered over every continent except Antarctica, documented by over 5,000 confirmable sightings, films and accounts.


One well-documented account is of the Neanderthal slave ZENA

Zena was a Neanderthal (Alma). Her arms that reached her knees, typical of Alma/Neanderthals) Russian villagers caught her in 1850, caged her for three years (till they broke her spirit) then used as a village slave for labor and sex. She could understand Russian, but not speak, for she lacked our vocal anatomy. She bred with the local Russian men and three of her hybrid children grew to adulthood. She died in 1890 after 40 years of slavery.

The Neanderthal/Homo-Sapiens hybrids she bore to Russian men were dark-skinned, but not black; they could speak. These surviving hybrids were of average intelligence, but very strong. They had the hair pattern of Homo sapiens and weren’t all hairy like Mom.

Our living Neanderthals, Pye documents, are stronger, with thicker bones, feet better adapted for walking than ours, faster, able to hear and think better in the forests than we.

Pye identifies and presents the nonconvertible evidence for 4 main types of these hominds today:


7-10 feet tall, 700-1000 lbs., covered with brown or black body hair, found on all continents except Antarctica, in upper mountain valleys mainly, but unrestricted in migration through the 45% of Earth that’s still impenetrable to our on-foot exploration.


5-7 feet tall, 300-600 lbs., lives in the 5 Himalayan Upper Mountain valleys, covered with brown of black body hair.


lives in the mountains of S. Russia and W. China. 5-7 feet tall, 300-600 lbs.


Pygmy Neanderthals with reddish hair like orangutans’. Agogwe live in the jungles of Africa, Indonesia and South America.

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> Las variedades de Bigfoot en la Tierra hoy en día tienen

> narices planas,

> cuencas oculares grandes,

> cuerpos cubiertos de pelo,

> sin frentes,

> cráneos apretados entre sus hombros (en lugar de cuellos largos como los que tenemos),

> crestas de cejas,

> pies planos,

> sin mentón,

> manos que llegan debajo de las rodillas.

Estos modernos neandertales se encuentran dispersos en todos los continentes, excepto en la Antártida, documentados por más de 5,000 avistamientos, películas y relatos confirmables.

Una cuenta bien documentada es del esclavo neandertal ZENA

Zena era una Neanderthal (Alma). Con los brazos que le llegaban a las rodillas, típicos de Alma / Neandertales, los aldeanos rusos la atraparon en 1850, la enjaularon durante tres años (hasta que le rompieron el espíritu) y luego la usaron como esclava de la aldea para el trabajo y el sexo. Ella podía entender ruso, pero no hablar, porque carecía de nuestra anatomía vocal. Se crió con los hombres rusos locales y tres de sus hijos híbridos crecieron hasta la edad adulta. Ella murió en 1890 después de 40 años de esclavitud.

Los híbridos neandertales / homo-sapiens que le dio a los hombres rusos eran de piel oscura, pero no negros; ellos podían hablar. Estos híbridos sobrevivientes eran de inteligencia promedio, pero muy fuertes. Tenían el patrón de cabello de Homo sapiens y no todos eran peludos como mamá.

Nuestros neandertales vivos, documentos de Pye, son más fuertes, con huesos más gruesos, pies mejor adaptados para caminar que los nuestros, más rápidos, capaces de escuchar y pensar mejor en los bosques que nosotros.

Pye identifica y presenta la evidencia no convertible para 4 tipos principales de estos hominds hoy:


7-10 pies de alto, 700-1000 lbs., Cubierto de vello marrón o negro, que se encuentra en todos los continentes, excepto en la Antártida, principalmente en los valles de las montañas altas, pero sin restricciones en la migración a través del 45% de la Tierra que todavía es impenetrable para nuestro exploración del pie


5-7 pies de alto, 300-600 lbs., Vive en los 5 valles de la montaña superior del Himalaya, cubiertos de pelo castaño y negro.


vive en las montañas de S. Rusia y W. China. 5-7 pies de alto, 300-600 lbs.


Neandertales pigmeos con cabello rojizo como los orangutanes “. Agogwe vive en las selvas de África, Indonesia y América del Sur.

Más sobre Bigfoot, Neanderthal, Invalidez de la macroevolución darwiniana en

* ANUNNAKI GODS NO MORE by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Media)

 Long-lived (hundreds of thousands of years) extraterrestrial Homo Sapien Goliaths from the planet Nibiru mined gold on Earth 400,000 years ago.  300,000 years ago they created Earth-adapted, short-lived mine slaves—that’s us–from their genome.  We called them “Anunnaki,” People-From-The-Sky or Serpent-People.  They taught us hierarchy, violence, greed, slavery, debt.  They made us worship them, call them “gods.”                                 

200,000 years ago, Enki, their Chief Scientist, begat a line of Earthlings whom he exalted. In 11,000 [all dates to follow are—before the common era—unless otherwise designated] Enki and his lover Batanash begat Noah.  After Noah’s flood, Anunnaki ruled through Noah’s sons’ descendants. 

The Anunnaki ruined their eastern Mediterranean cities with nuclear blasts and fallout storms.  Most of Anunnaki returned to Nibiru by 311 BCE.  

But some stayed.  They and their descendants (the power elite) rule us to this day. 

The Anunnaki taught one-upmanship.  We watched them kill each other to rule; the elite today still kill each other and each other’s followers. Our ancestors plundered, enslaved or killed whomever their master, the dominant Nibiran in their area, told them.  We Earthlings still plunder, enslave and kill whomever our elites tell us. 

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass killing upon us.  They forced mutually unintelligible languages and scripts upon us and withheld knowledge.  They and their spawn made exclusive, hostile nations and religions to keep us divided.  They addicted us to credit institutions to keep us slaving. 

The Anunnaki stand feet taller and live millennia longer than we. We killed in their names: Allah (= Sumerian Nannar), Yahweh (Enlil, sometimes Adad) and Inanna (Ishtar)–Nibiran Expedition personnel all.  They bred us to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects.  

We worshipped and them and the “royal” lines of ever-murderous hybrid rulers and priests–the elite–they begat. 

Most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru.  A few who remained on Earth and the hybrids through whom they still rule give all factions and nations credit and arms and engineer wars among them. The elite run competing religions which each say they’ll bring back the Anunnaki god of their faith and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.  

The ancient scenarios of divide-and-rule, to this very day, make us deplete our resources, pollute our environment and wage war.  The matrix the Anunnaki modeled makes us recklessly exploit our resources and pollute.  The elite and their ET controllers see that we never feel our unity as a planet of peace.   

Anunnaki and hybrid overseers imprinted their greed, one-upmanship and dominator-consciousness on us.  They modeled, dictated and indoctrinated avarice, domination, slavery, competition, hate and violence.   

Yahweh and Allah-Nannar murdered many. These Anunnaki lacked compassion, showed neither love nor divinity. 

 Other Anunnaki–Enki, Ningishzidda and Ninmah–love us and continue to work to free us from the mental virus with which Yahweh and Allah have infected us.  Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda can, when we stop warring, advance our astronomy, medicine, energy, rocket science and survival strategies.   

The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then called Sumer).  Clay tablets the gods dictated say that back on Nibiru, a king and his military ruled.  The gods dictated tales of how, 450,000 years ago, they got gold from Earth and how, till 300,000 years ago, when they created us for the mines, they shipped the gold back to Nibiru.  Their tales of their stay on Earth before they made our ancestors as well as what our forefathers directly saw, imprinted us with the values of their hierarchic, male-run, master-slave-enemy mentality.  We assumed values of extraction, pollution, monetary monopoly and obsession with gold. 

Millions of years before the Anunnaki got to Earth, other ET terraformers seeded hominoids here. The terraformers introduced advanced hominoids, ancestors of Erectus, Neanderthal and Bigfoot, to Earth so the Anunnaki could implant Erectus genes into their Homo Sapien genome and thus adapt their genome to Earth.  The Anunnaki created what the terraformers planned for us—they made us Homo Sapien like them, but adapted to Earth. Eighty percent of our DNA is from off-planet. 

We progressed when the Anunnaki gave us new technologies.  Every 3,600 years, they gave us marvelous devices, astronomical and geological information, new crops, new chemistry and ever-more lethal weapons.  Suddenly, our architecture, public projects, weaponry, and military training revved up and we build new cities, temples and armies. 

Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t imagine gods who made them literate and told them what to write.  Rather than make up gods, Sumerians saw, heard and bred with Anunnaki as very tall, long-lived.  Sumerians watched the giants run machines and computers; they saw them fire weapons of mass destruction.  They saw Anunnaki with small devices, MEs, overpower other Anunnaki. 

Sumerians saw Anunnaki speak into devices and heard voices respond.  The Anunnaki said the voices came from spacecraft beyond sight and the moon, southern Africa, the Andes and the Indus Valley, as well as from visible rockets, shuttlecraft, orbiting stations and planes. 

In Sumer, then all over this planet, the gods gave our ancestors ever-advanced technologies and models so their half-breeds could rule, relate, mine, store data, compute, write, build, trade and war.  

Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indians, Norse, Chinese, Tibetans, Central and South Americans all spoke of these gods who rode Celestial Chariots, threw thunderbolts and, when Nibiru neared Earth, gave us crops, herds, devices, medicine, laws, knowledge and more Nibiran genes. 

In 2000, Zecharia Sitchin showed us clay and stone proof.  Rocks and inscribed records astronomical, geological, geographical, chemical and biological info Sumerians said gods gave them, info our scientists only got millennia later.  

Sitchin solved the mysteries of missing hominid links never found since they didn’t exist.  He showed how they periodically upleved our society and its industries. No missing physical links existed since we appeared suddenly, when Enki and his cohorts added Erectus genes to their genome.  We got advanced technology when Sumerian “gods” gave it to us. 

Sumerians tagged Anunnaki aircraft, submarines, helicopters, spaceships, weapons and computers with their own words and words the gods taught them.  Our ancestors called aircraft and rockets “skyships, “celestial chariots” and “fire-breathing dragons.” They named helicopters “whirlbirds.”  A whale that swallowed Jonah = a submarine; weapons = “brilliances.”  We labeled Nibiran medical and scientific achievements “miracles.”

 Our ancestors recorded the history, scientific words and concepts the gods taught them.  What gods called “MEs” we call computer programs.  Our cultures added descriptions, metaphors, similes and analogies to the words the gods gave us.  We can now decode our ancestors’ metaphors for the gods and their technology instead of dismissing the weapons, vehicles and personalities of gods as superstitious myths. 

Unless ETs intervene to save us or the weight of Sumerian evidence convinces Muslims, Jews and Christians to give up their fear gods, their compulsions to unquestioningly obey governmental and religious authorities, their impulse to crush others and the mental programs with which the genocidal Anunnaki imposed on us to keep us divided and conquered, we’ll keep warring.  

We are one family and we’ve all been duped by the Anunnaki and their half breed successor-line of murderous manipulators.  We must recover our oneness as a species.  As we face new ET demands for our allegiance and gold, we can negotiate for life extension, medicine, free energy, space transport and other ET technologies.  We and they can support each other and face our common challenges–environmental, social and psychological. 

The truth of our genetics frees us from the master-slave, god-devotee, boss-worker, lord-tenant model the ETs imposed on us.  We can end physical and economic slavery, hierarchic obsession, derogation of women, gold lust, antagonistic religions and nations the gods and the hybrid elite they created dictated. 

Free of short, desperate lives, we’ll create our future.  We’ll activate our latent Nibiran genes, better our genome and join galactic civilization.


 What we in our history, folklore and literature consider the appearance, perpetuation or re-appearance of gods, archetypes or walk-ins as inner fractals or independent beings, we think of them with the garb and elaborations we associate with them.  However our pictures of the gods vary, they represent models, paradigms, and explanations of how people, planets, extraterrestrials, and the Universe work. 

  Sometimes the same Anunnaki had varying names as he or she ages, as when Ea of the planet Nibiru became Enki in Iraq; sometimes he gets a different name in a different placeEnki becomes Ptah in Egypt or the Peacemaker in North America.  He’s Shiva in India, Prometheus in Greece, Aquarius in Rome and, later, Lucifer in Northern Europe. 

 Cultures and scholars merge god figures.  For researcher Glenn Bouge, Enki is Jesus For some Jungians, Enki represents the archetype of the Messiah.  Whatever the moniker, Enki and the other Anunnaki are PEOPLE.  They are not all-knowing, all-good, all powerful; none of them are “the Creator-of-All,” the “Great Spirit.”

 We expand our appreciation of the elephant of history from the many perceptual perspectives of Earth’s cultures, scholars and visionaries.  Celebrate the richness of our many heritages.

 For the list of Anunnaki and their various overlapping names and histories, see ANUNNAKI WHO’S WHO at





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