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Barrie on No Victims – “You Create Your Own Reality” by Barrie Gellis

9-30-30 Barrie on No Victims  – Copyright 2018 by Barrie Gellis

“You Create Your Own Reality!”

Most folks have heard or used this expression without much thought about what it may actually mean or not mean. This has created plush spiritual fields upon which to sow wide variety of notions and reap confusion.

For clarification and the sake of this blog, “you create your own reality” means that you don’t live a life of random events that happen to you. Rather, your beliefs, emotions and expectations telepathically attract specific people and events to you—and what unfolds is based on continual telepathic, subconscious agreements.

In these ongoing shared “canvases of creation” people interact and nothing is done without telepathic agreement.

You can agree with this concept or not, that’s up to you—and trust your heart, soul and self on whatever it is you believe. But that’s how the theory goes.

To get back to the “plush spiritual fields” metaphor, perhaps the most misunderstood seeds planted concern the simple phrase: There are no victims.

It seems to be such a simple concept to believe in or deny…case adamantly closed on whichever side you are on.

Therefore, these loaded words have led to more disputes between new-age, religious and science-minded folks than had occurred between farmers and cattle ranchers back in the day trying to make their case as to what the best use of their physical land was.

To see how divisive and emotionally-fueled these disputes can become related to the theory that there are no victims…let’s take the hot topic of murder.

The surface and simple “new-age, spiritual” logic goes as follows, IF you agree to being murdered THEN you cannot be a victim.”

And the logical upset retort to this is, “Who the hell would agree to being murdered? And worse, you are blaming the victim!”

AND EVEN WORSE: “My mother was murdered. You’re telling me she wanted it! That it was her fault!”

Time to take a step back.

Just as it seems black-and-white simple and obvious to say that a table is solid…until you throw in quantum science; it seems black-and-white simple and obvious to say “of course there are victims” until you throw in the telepathic subconscious perspective.

And as with the table, so with the victim:  BOTH are true and there is no contradiction.

The idea of no “victim” is difficult to fathom because it takes the alleged subconscious “willingness” on the part of the “victim” — and compares it to the CONSCIOUS CHOICE on the part of the killer to act and hurt another. And these two things are two very different things and not equal. Yet, they are both parts of the “event equation,” so to speak.

The expression “there are no victims,” implies an equivalence between what one person SUBCONSCIOUSLY agrees to and how another person CONSCIOUSLY chooses to respond to that agreement.

The key thing to remember here is this: Telepathically “agreeing” to be hurt does not compel the potential hurter to act. It actually just offers this person the choice to say “yes I will hurt you” OR “no I won’t.”

Thus, it is important to remember that this subconscious idea of “no victim” does not excuse, remove or minimize the wrongness of the person who consciously chooses to perform the harmful act—OR that it that therefore OK to harm someone because they are not a victim and they agreed to it.

THIS is what is difficult to understand:

The FALSE belief that it is OK to hurt others because they agreed to it—so there are no victims. THIS false beliefs conflates and compares a subconscious mechanism to a consciously chosen act.

This is a good time to look at what Seth said on this topic. Jon Klimo wrote in his book “Channelling”—that Seth via Jane Roberts back in 1963 were the ones who ushered in the modern-day new-age movement; and had first introduced us to the concepts: “You create your own reality;” and “there are no victims.”

So, getting back to what Seth said as the the source of the concept as it is discussed today, it is always important to remember that Seth ALSO said: “Violence is never justified.”

Remember, Seth does advocate the idea that there are no victims, BUT he has NEVER said, “Therefore, violence is always or sometimes justified because the person agreed to it.”

In fact, he warns against that type of thinking:

Seth (Session 550): “You cannot say, ‘The poor are poor simply because they chose poverty and therefore there is no need for me to help them.’ This attitude can easily draw poverty to you in the next experience.”

So, are there victims or not? You may as well ask: Is the table solid or not? And the answer: BOTH are true.

In everyday terms, there ARE victims—but that doesn’t mean acts of violence are random and that we don’t create our reality.

Thus, there are no victims and there are victims and there is no contradiction.

And even Seth who introduced these concepts to us uses the word “victim”when speaking in everyday terms. He speaks of victims of war and natural disasters, for example, and in other cases—because the term “victim” involves and is about the sole physical realm and situation.

As an analogy, this is like classic science saying the table is solid.

So, when Seth readers or any new-age folks say, “There are no victims” — they should be aware of the confusion that could cause because they are speaking about the expansive reality (analogy, quantum reality)—BUT people hearing them are thinking about the everyday physical reality (analogy, classic science)—and  these very two different perspectives or starting points should never be forgotten.

Otherwise, it can easily cause people not to understand.

On the other hand, to put these two ideas together, it is also important to always realize that being a “victim” means that you STILL DO create your own reality and you STILL DID subconsciously and telepathically  both attract the situation and agreed to being hurt—or rather agreed to whatever choice the potential perpetrator ultimately makes.

BUT IT ALSO means that you ARE a “victim” in that you no conscious desire and made no conscious choice to be hurt; and you had no reasonable expectation that you were going to be hurt.

THAT is what being a victim IS.

And it is a useful and practical term when discussing the physical aspects of murder or any harmful event—and that is why Seth actually does use the term “victim” as well as saying that there are no victims.

To summarize: You are both not a victim AND a victim—and there is no contradiction. In the same way, a table is both solid and not solid, and there is no contradiction.

Mechanisms of reality creation are at play here. And in the same way that there is no blame involved regarding the table being solid or not; there is NO BLAME INVOLVED regarding a person  being a victim or not.

THIS CONCEPT DOES NOT BLAME THE VICTIM. It explains the “background” as to how the physical harm came to be; just like how quantum science explains the background as to how the solid table came to be.

Therefore, being a victim, to the aware person who understands the concept that you create your own reality, ALWAYS includes the awareness of the differences between subconcious agreements and conscious choices—and that ALL of this includes the idea that nothing is random—even when it appears to be random via the reasoning and logic based on the awareness produced by the five senses (classic science) alone.

For practical operational reasons, we must basically keep our awareness of the nonphysical, spiritual, subconscious “quantum” realm separate from the physical, conscious “classic” realm.

IF we do not, in practical terms, keep these two perspectives SEPARATE, then we would also NEVER be able to say, “I’ll meet you at 1 pm” because linear time does not exist in the nonphysical realm.

Nor would we ever be able to say, “Give me a  glass of water” because physical reality and it’s objects also do not exist in the nonphysical realm—although WE continuously exist in BOTH realms

And so we DO say these things.

We say these things in an AWARE way. We don’t stop saying them because they are solely physical terms. We are aware there IS a glass of water and a 1 pm, even tho they don’t exist from the sole nonphysical perspective.

And so finally, in the same way 1 pm both exists and doesn’t exist, being a victim and not being a victim both exist. And there is no contradiction or blame involved in being a solid table or a victim.


Be well and happy,


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