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From ANUNNAKI, EVOLUTION OF THE GODS by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin


Anunnaki are people who came from or descended from people from the planet Nibiru.

Anunnaki are here on Earth now.  They look like us.  They’re people, not gods. 

Recognize and acknowledge them when they choose to share.  They’re our ancestors; we’re their descendants. 

They bring peace and helpful technology to Earth for their benefit and ours too.   

They expect Nibiru, their planet, to eventually become unlivable.  They want the option of migrating to Earth, where some of them have stayed and to which others have already returned.

Many of us Hybrid Anunnaki-Erectus Earthlings experience the resonance of the Anunnaki genes we all carry, as we approach the possibility of technological singularity that makes planetary peace and ecological coordination possible.  We feel the fractals of our Anunnaki ancestors’ intelligence and our Erectus ancestors’ psychic powers focusing as we approach the Age of Aquarius, the Satya Yuga.

Admire them but value and assert yourself. We have our own wisdom and loves as do they. 

They and we can be friends.

* Anunnaki: EVOLUTION of the GODS

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Giant humans, the Anunnaki from Planet Nibiru, bred, blessed, cursed and challenged us.

They came for gold.

They grafted Homo erectus genes onto their genome to make us to get dig the gold for them.

They gave us

But they
*imprinted dominator-consciousness on us,
*shortened our lives,
*got us to obsess on status and greed.

They inflicted
* nationalism|
*gold lust,
*propaganda, and
on us.

They pledge us an Aquarian Age free from the god-spell, nation-bane, materialist-compulsion, master-slave curse, god-devotee hypnosis, boss-worker hex, and lord-tenant model they imposed.

* Anunnaki: EVOLUTION of the GODS * by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin

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The Anunnaki, people like us, rocketed here 450,000 for years ago for gold to send home to powder for a sky shield.

200,000 years ago, their miners on Earth mutinied. To replace them, the Anunnaki created us from their genome, copper, clay-embedded minerals, copper and genes from Bigfoot’s African ancestor.

The Anunnaki gave us math, architecture, writing, botany, zoology, geography, kings, taxes, temples, priests, record-keeping, laws, libraries, kilns, wheeled vehicles, paved roads, medicine, festivals, beer, art, music, instruments, dance, and textiles.

But they also imposed hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt, and war. In 2024 BCE they ruined their Mediterranean cities with nuclear bombs and fallout.

Most of them returned to Nibiru, but some stayed and, with their hybrid kin, have kept us pitted against each other in dominator consciousness.

Recently, however, Anunnaki Royals returned to Earth, joined Enki, and pledge to usher in the Age of Enki.
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