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Victor Camacho, host of Los Desvelados program, producer of the documentary “Forbidden Archeology”.

Present in more detail part of these six years of research on stone artifacts found in different states of Mexico.

We will analyze the engravings that it shows us about: What kind of beings do we find in these pieces? What offerings did they make? How is the writing or language found in these stones? UFO-shaped stone artifacts found?

We will analyze important details of this culture unknown until now and that could have given origin to the rest of the pre-Hispanic cultures that we know.

These pieces contain engravings of a language possibly extraterrestrial and that tell the story of beings that inhabited this planet and left their knowledge in a stone library that could change the history of humanity as we know it.

The people who attend will have the opportunity to see with more details these artefacts with extraterrestrial characteristics and we will exchange opinions and points of view regarding this important discovery.

IMPORTANT – Do not forget to bring disposable gloves to be able to touch the artefacts.

Victor Camacho bio

Victor Camacho, researcher and host of the radio program “Los Desvelados”, which airs nationally in United States and Mexico, he has collaborate with Televisa, Mexico where he shows a  weekly investigation in United States, Mexico and other countries. He has participated in special programs about UFOs like Discovery Channel, History Channel in UFO HUNTERS and Fact or Faked of SyFy Channel.

He born in Mexico, and has been working at media for 29 years in the United States. He studied Communication at Weber State University in Utah. Director of “Desvelado Network” based in Los Angeles, Ca. where it produces the program “Los Desvelados” that has been broadcast for 22 years where every night he has been spoken about UFO issues, Paranormal, forbidden archeology, conspiracies and other realities. This unique program of its kind for the Hispanic community in the United States managed to captivate the attention of the public through night in 25 cities in the US and Mexico.

Documentary Info and picture

FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY DOCUMENTARY – Around the world has found evidence of possible extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet since ancient times. We talked about cave paintings with more than 10,000 years old describing little beings, objects coming from the sky and the relationship of these entities with ancient humans. But now we faced In Mexico the discovery of strange artifacts belonging to an unknown culture so far that could have given origin to the rest of the pre-Hispanic cultures we know. These rocks contain engravings with a possibly alien language and tell the story of beings that inhabited this planet and left their knowledge in a stone library that could change the history of mankind as we know it. We visited the exact area where they are finding these enigmatic pieces and in this place we saw the remains of an ancient settlement that testifies to an advanced civilization. We talked with the first discoverers of these enigmatic pieces, met a collector with more than 1,200 artifacts.

In Teocaltiche, Jalisco we investigate reporting of sightings of unidentified flying objects with strange features that break completely with all laws of physics. Clay pieces with UFO shapes and strange beings insectoid type. We will show exclusive and unique footage of a winged being or mothman very close to this town in the highlands of Jalisco. We will show for the first time stone artifacts with prints of extraterrestrial beings with a previously untold story of the possible origin of man, in an old stone library of a civilization that could come from the stars!

VICTOR CAMACHO, Host of talk radio show Los Desvelados by 22 years which airs nationally in the United States and parts of Mexico. 52 Min. Spanish with English subtitles

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