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Tantra Temple Goddess Tracy Elise Out of Jail, Fights for TANTRA TEMPLES AS LEGAL CHURCHES for more of the story

Police raided Tracy Elise’s church, the Phoenix Goddess Temple. They claimed the Temple was a whore house.  Parishioners, however, said that in the temple they practiced their religion; no one bought or sold anything; they merely practiced their religion in the Temple.  Tracy fired her attorneys but a coterie of prosecutors disregarded her religious freedom and that of her congregation.   

In a video of the court proceedings Tracy reveals that one of the prosecuters is part of a Catholic conspiracy against goddess practices. She cited him for being a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus who vowed to publicly support a Pope who is the leader of a religion whose “doctrine” does not allow women to be priests.

She spent years in jail and in an electric leg-shackle.  Her tantric practitioners spent weeks in jail tents to under the blazing desert sun until they took plea bargains.  Phoenix jailers and Arizona attorneys blocked communication between her and her congregation.  They stopped her from speaking with her sister priestesses and brother priests.   

The attorneys assigned her and the other goddesses pressured them to take plea bargains or spend decades in jail, under conditions, they assured her, they would make unpleasant. Her assigned attorneys failed to file papers rebuting spurious charges, so the charges stood for the state-hired judge. 

So Tracy argued unsuccessfully in court on her own behalf and on the behalf of all who practice professional tantra.

 In 2002, Elise was ordained as a minister by the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards at a summer solstice ceremony.

She moved to Arizona in 2008 and opened the Phoenix Goddess Temple, a Neo Tantra, non-denominational and multi-faith “life force energy temple” created “to teach people about the sacred feminine aspect of the creator.”

Tracy Elise writes:  “I see my life as dedicated to the restoration of equality between women and men in the realms of spiritual authority.

“The defintion of the creators as “God the Father” has virtually left all feminine wisdom silenced in the realm of morality. The fear that the male of the species has around the power of their root attraction to the female has forced feminine soul wisdom ‘underground’.

“We see this in the lack of sacred alternatives in sex education, and a growth in the secular ‘profane’ sex expressions of pornography, prostitution (sex for sale), the break down of pair bonds, sex addiction for many males and sexual shutdown for many females.

“My objective is to allow the ancient and powerful sacred sexuality teachings to emerge from all wisdom streams: Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist, Goddess Worship, Druid/Pagan, Mystic Islam and Judeao-Christianty. This is a unifying temple, we are Gnostic and believe each person can access their Higher Power in their own unique way.” for more of the story

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