TANTRA: A PORTAL TO COSMOS: Scott & Melanie McClure

//TANTRA: A PORTAL TO COSMOS: Scott & Melanie McClure

TANTRA: A PORTAL TO COSMOS: Scott & Melanie McClure

Scott and Melanie McClure, dynamite tantra teachers from Austin Texas, teach


at the Stargate to the Cosmos October 25-28 in Albuquerque NM

Here’s Janet Kira Lessin’s testimonial on how this worked for her

“Aloha, my name is Janet Kira Lessin and I’m a Professor of Tantric Studies at the School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii. I founded the School of Tantra in 1997 with my beloved husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, who is the Dean and program coordinator at our school where we teach All-Chakra Tantra.

Using All-Chakra Tantra individuals go within and explore their own personal issues, ideas, attitudes, religious programming and cultural conditioning on each chakra level also known as energy center, to uncover what’s not working in their lives. We call these chakra blocks. With their tantric teacher, students learn how to release suppressed emotions and reprogram themselves to clear chakra blocks and make their lives better. Those interested in sacred relations and partnerships learn how to connect intimately and spiritually with others so they clear chakra blocks, create divine partnerships and re-connect with Source.

Sasha and I are in a divine sacred partnership relationship. We connect on all chakra levels. We’ve learned how to balance our internal and external yin and yang and create an equal partnership relationship, a relationship much different than traditional relationships spawned by the patriarchy.

Sasha and I practice tantra daily. We realize tantra is a way of being, a way to slow things down and bring focus and intention to all making all sacred, precious and loved. Using tantra, we become whole, centered, conscious and aware. We develop an Aware Ego. We live a tantric life.

Tantra saved my life. Let me explain. I was dying and had lost my luster for life because of unresolved issues hidden deep within my subconscious. These issues, since they were unresolved, formed a life of their own and so I kept recreating negative things in my relationships. Over time I grew more and more ill-at-ease with myself and my relationships and as a result, I became very ill with dis-eases. By the time I was 43, I was dying from these illnesses.


By the time I met Sasha and immersed myself in my tantric healing, I had been through 15 years of traditional talk therapy. Using the pscyhology of tantric healing, Dr. Lessin helped me recover the lost pieces of my soul, the parts of myself that longed to be freed so that I could start living a whole, happy, healed life.

What we uncovered in my tantric therapy: My mother’s boyfriend raped me orally when I was four.

When I was 12 a group of boys held me underwater in a public swimming pool while they took turns pushing their hands down my pants and across my newly developing breasts.

I uncovered these and other traumas over a period of several months in Tantra.

I understood how All-Chakra Tantra worked by going through it and with it, healing myself. I learned how to teach and facilitate others and perhaps because I experienced these things.

In All-Chakra Tantra students go through their core issues and blocks to bliss. We help individuals clear themselves and help couples and moresomes clear their issues. All-Chakra Tantra can clear individuals, couples, families, communities, countries and the world. Eventually we can create a conscious, civilized society.

When they learn Tantra, singles, couples and groups learn how to move this deliciously, divine energy between and among themselves, uniting everyone in tantric bliss. Heaven is manifested on Earth. We co-create a peaceful world.”


Learn more about tantra at the STARGATE TO THE COSMOS EXPO October 25-28, 2018, Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, NM www.stargatetothecosmos.org 808-214-3442

Tickets: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/stargate to the cosmos/register