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Dr. Michael Salla on Cory Goode’s whistleblow; Daniel Cooper and Randy Cramer on the International Corporate Conglomerate (formerly known as the SSP–Secret Space Program) Click for extended articles and youtubes Cooper reveals how THE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE HAD PLANNED TO WORSEN EARTH CONDITIONS WITH CLIMATE CHANGE AND POLLUTION TILL EARTHLINGS BEGGED IT TO SAVE …

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Contactees Part 1: Walton, Hernandez, Wilde, Basiago, Crawford, Perala, Titor, Green, Cramer, Lessin, Johnson, Johnston & Jansen

Hear Travis Walton, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Ken Johnston, George Green, Sherry Wilde, Miesha Johnston, Cynthia Crawford, Robert Peralta, Janet Kira Lessin, John Titor II, Reinerio Hernandez, Hildregard Gmeiser, Olaf Jansen and others share their experiences. Aloha. I’m Dr. Sasha Lessin. Wife Janet and I are hypnotherapists. We specialize in exploration of nonordinary consciousness, including …

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Randy Cramer

Captain Randy Cramer is an officer who has been given authority to address the public on behalf of the command staff of United States Marine Corps, special section. Which was created by President Eisenhower in 1953, as a covert military intelligence branch, with specific authority over Extra-Terrestrial, multi-dimensional, non-human, and off world beings, consortiums and …