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Our conference includes speakers, workshop facilitators, healers and teachers from around the globe plus a plethora of exhibitors. Here we cover a large variety of topics covering many fields related through a common vision – that of creating a better, more kind and loving reality for humanity designed to not only solve all that ails us but to send a message to other aliens, interdimensionals and extraterrestrials of higher realms of goodness, love and light that we are ready to graduate.
We combine our efforts, human and other, to open the Stargate to the Cosmos, where we welcome all and join our Universal family and take our place in the grand design of Existence.

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SECRET SPACE PROGRAM Kidnaps, Enslaves, Kills & Revives Kids for Body Parts & The Dark Fleet on Mars–PENNY BRADLEY Reveals All (in interview with the Lessins)

“Human trafficking is the largest industry in the world. Penny was the navigator of a freighter that shipped human cargo all over the place. She was ‘woken up’ by an NSA agent. She doesn’t know why he did it. He told her code word over and over until she woke up and had to deal …

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MARTIANS & EARTHLINGS: Violent, Commercial, Tactical & Slave-Trade History

By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA) ROOSEVELT (BEFORE THE STAGED PANIC) WANTED THE PUBLIC TO KNOW ET PRESENCE HERE  In 1936, President Roosevelt told his cabinet, “There are other planets in our solar system inhabited by people much like us.  I’ve been personally visited by one of these intelligent aliens. I feel we must …