PAUL DAVIDS Gives Us Mind-Blowing Research–the truth about JESUS & MARYLIN, ORIGINAL FILMS & A MAGIC SHOW at the Stargate to the Cosmos Expo

 Learn, laugh, expand your consciousness in a most delightful way with Paul Davids. MAFIA CHIEF GIANCANA HAD MARILYN MONROE KILLED IN VENDETTA AGAINST THE KENNEDYS: Youtube Interview with Paul Davids, Producer of Film: “MariIyn Monroe Declassified.” for the tube Paul Davids reviews CIA and FBI documents that reveal why MAFIA BOSS GIANCANA HAD MONROE KILLED AND TRIED TO FRAME U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL ROBERT KENNEDY, Marilyn’s lover for the killing. Giancana’s Chicago mob delivered Illinois votes to JFK when her ran against Nixon. The mob wanted the Kennedys in office in order to have friends running the U.S,. But Robert Kennedy tried to extirpate the Mob. The Mafia and Giancana struck back; they killed Monroe in a way Giancana planned would bring [...]