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Andy Lloyd Proves Anunnaki Got Orbit of Nibiru Right

Planet X researcher for 20 years. Author of three books (including "Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence"), with a fourth non-fiction title due for publication late 2018. Works as a Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire, in nursing, and as a freelance artist (fine art, murals). Science graduate. Astrophysics wonk and blogger. Reader in ancient mysteries and alternative theories. Promo Video: https://youtu.be/-C1Y2I8hNrU http://www.andy-lloyd.com Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Blog | www.Andy-Lloyd.com www.andy-lloyd.com The shard-like asteroid from deep space which shot through the solar system last years, known as ‘Oumuamua, set many an astronomer’s heart racing. http://www.darkstar1.co.uk http://cheltenham-art.com/andylloyd.htmhttp://www.andylloyd.org Social media: https://www.facebook.com/darkstarandylloyd https://twitter.com/darkstarandy Andy Lloyd       This material is expanded in the Lessins' book, Anunnaki: False Gods.  Click my [...]

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