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BILLY CARSON:  Secrets Of The Anunnaki Creation Myth

 Billy Carson will give his presentation, THE SECRETS OF THE 6,000-YEAR-OLD ENUMA ELISH & THE SEVEN TABLETS OF CREATION and speak in panels on Secret Space Program (SSP), Consciousness, Spirituality, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Interdimensionals at the Stargate to the Cosmos Expo, Oct 25- 28 2018 at the Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, Albuquerque, NM.  Look at Billy's SGTTC schedule by clicking here: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/stargatetothecosmos/en/stargatetothecosmos/participants/50/Billy+Carson Carson delves the mystery of the ancient Enuma Elish (The Seven Tablets of Creation). The tablets that comprise the Enuma Elish detail the origins of our Galaxy and the emergence of our solar system. The Enuma is the Mesopotamian creation myth whose hidden meaning reveals the science of life. All of the myth-containing tablets found at Ashur, Kish, Ashurbanipal’s library at Nineveh, Sultantepe, and other excavated sites [...]

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Andy Lloyd Proves Anunnaki Got Orbit of Nibiru Right

Planet X researcher for 20 years. Author of three books (including "Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence"), with a fourth non-fiction title due for publication late 2018. Works as a Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire, in nursing, and as a freelance artist (fine art, murals). Science graduate. Astrophysics wonk and blogger. Reader in ancient mysteries and alternative theories. Promo Video: https://youtu.be/-C1Y2I8hNrU http://www.andy-lloyd.com Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Blog | www.Andy-Lloyd.com www.andy-lloyd.com The shard-like asteroid from deep space which shot through the solar system last years, known as ‘Oumuamua, set many an astronomer’s heart racing. http://www.darkstar1.co.uk http://cheltenham-art.com/andylloyd.htmhttp://www.andylloyd.org Social media: https://www.facebook.com/darkstarandylloyd https://twitter.com/darkstarandy Andy Lloyd       This material is expanded in the Lessins' book, Anunnaki: False Gods.  Click my [...]

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