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BOONS for your HERO-JOURNEY—Do-It-Yourself-or-with-Partners Exercise

From EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES ***** EXPERIENTIAL CUES Have a partner give you the directions below or read the directions and experience the visualization in private. If you do this with a partner, tell her or him to read the cues printed in bold, but not the directions enclosed in [square brackets]. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. With each breath, relax more. [Let her or him take ten full breaths.] HEAR THE CALL TO ADVENTURE Imagine a voice softly calling you from once-upon-a-time. Lift a finger when you hear it. [Wait till she or he lifts a finger.] You're drawn by it to a safe, private place, perhaps one you knew as a kid. Raise your finger when you [...]

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Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops ~ 07/29/18 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ 8 to 10 PM Eastern Time, 2 to 4 PM Hawaii time.  Live or via archives later at Professor Margaret Rogers Van Coops, PhD., DCH(IM) has been an ordained minister of the Universal Christ Church, of California since 1983.  She is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Integrated Medicine who has practiced successfully in Spain, France, Switzerland, India, Egypt, Peru, Germany, Japan, England, Wales, Mexico, Canada and the United States of America. She has enjoyed Honorary Membership with the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and founding member of the British Astrological and [...]

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