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Try it at From “TEACH TANTRA”*** by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin Center yourself with the simple technique we outline here to access, own and integrate your shadow and spiritual selves--our less known inner voices (also known as parts, personality aspects, roles, subselves, subpersonalities, egos). We center when we hold the tension between opposed inner voices. Centered, we recognize, embrace and coordinate our protective, vulnerable, instinctual and spiritual subselves. Centering’s easier when we review how we develop our many inner selves.    INNER VOICES As a baby and a kid we needed our parents' love to survive, get along and feel okay. We imprinted our neediness; part of us, our VULNERABLE CHILD, stays needy forever.  The [...]

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TANTRA: A PORTAL TO COSMOS: Scott & Melanie McClure

Scott and Melanie McClure, dynamite tantra teachers from Austin Texas, teach TANTRA: A PORTAL TO COSMOS at the Stargate to the Cosmos October 25-28 in Albuquerque NM Here’s Janet Kira Lessin’s testimonial on how this worked for her “Aloha, my name is Janet Kira Lessin and I'm a Professor of Tantric Studies at the School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii. I founded the School of Tantra in 1997 with my beloved husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, who is the Dean and program coordinator at our school where we teach All-Chakra Tantra. Using All-Chakra Tantra individuals go within and explore their own personal issues, ideas, attitudes, religious programming and cultural conditioning on each chakra level also known as energy center, to uncover [...]

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Scott & Melanie McClure

ScottieO is a best-selling author of “Passion: Living the Life You Love”, and featured in two films "The Answer to Everything" and "The Answer to Health". Both were recently featured on the Learning Channel, Daily News, Men and Women’s Health and the New York Post. Their recent interviews in London and Germany have helped raise consciousness and connection to over 10 million people and their message of love continues to grow. Melanie and ScottieO McClure have been ecstatically married and practicing Tantra together for ten years, full-time professional teachers that have personally supported thousands of students in manifesting their deepest desires, especially in their love lives. They use retreats, playshops, one on one coaching, and online training to improve every [...]

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