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Suzanne Ross is the host of Lighten Up! T.V. featuring “Discussions with Global Thought Leaders.” With over 100 fascinating conversations on the world’s most compelling topics, Lighten Up! TV explores a wide range of issues affecting humanity. Suzanne is also producing another TV series for Netflix called “Supernatural Adventures~Around the Globe & Into the Cosmos.” IN this series, Suzanne and her co-hosts travel to sacred sites around the world that are aligned with constellations in the cosmos and along the way, they explore the greatest mysteries of creation. Suzanne is also the author of the inspirational series, “The Up! Trilogy”, with Wake Up! available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Kindle and Rise Up! being released in July 2018.

Suzanne has been psychic since she was a young child and has been offering mind, body, spirit programming for over 25 years. She offers psychic readings & spiritual counseling both live and online at her website: She is also the President of a 501c3 nonprofit called Awakening that is dedicated to the awakening of humanity by connecting spiritual leaders with seekers by offering membership programs, events, workshops, retreats along with discounted books, services and products on the organization’s website:

Suzanne has over 200 videos on her YouTube channel at: For videos of presentations she has given, go to:

Suzanne Ross

Multidimensionality & Dormant DNA: After being escorted onto an Arcturian craft in November of 2017 and downloaded with advanced energy technology, I have discovered my ability to energetically re-activate dormant DNA strands by identifying and reuniting one’s multidimensional soul aspects. I have been shown how the eternal soul projects holographic fragments of its self into multiple dimensions of time and space and how by tuning into the eternal soul, we can reveal and reunite those aspects. Each fragment carries 10% of our soul’s DNA so as we reconnect the scattered fragments of our soul, through quantum entanglement, we return to wholeness bringing 100% of our DNA back online. Includes a powerful Arcturian Light Chamber Activation.

Reuniting Fragmented Soul Aspects: There is a specific process for accessing the multiple holographic space-time personalities that our soul is projecting from the eternal realm. By exploring the soul’s journey from the infinite watery womb to the existential realm of eternity and on into the experiential realm of multi-dimensional space-time, we can open the portal between these realms and tune into the frequency of our own unique personalities. Includes a deep meditation that tunes into source consciousness.

The Symphony of our Eternal Soul: From the eternal realm, the only true reality settled in the eternal now moment, our perfect DNA blueprint is imprinted upon the sacred geometry of our Eternal Soul. It is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls that “In the beginning, there was sound.” The sound of our soul is the symphony of our own unique frequencies sourced in eternity and resonating throughout time and space. Like a sheet of music with many different notes, our soul has written upon it a beautiful song in synchronized geometric forms. However, many of our notes are scattered about and the symphony we tune into is off-key. By tuning into the source of our eternal soul’s symphony, we can gather the notes and harmonize our being with the sound of sacred geometry. Includes toning and visualization.


Activating Dormant DNA through Quantum Entanglement: By accessing the quantum field, we will tune into our fragmented soul aspects in various space-time dimensions.

Toning and Visualization for DNA Synthesis: To synchronize the scattered notes and patterns of our DNA blueprint, we use the sound of sacred geometry to tune into our unique frequency signatures.


Expanding Psychic Awareness: Teaching specialized techniques for increasing psychic sensitivity by tuning into both the collective and cosmic consciousness.

Supernatural Adventures~Around the Globe & Into the Cosmos including clips from the first season of this series based in and around the vortexes of Sedona including the indian ruins of Wupatki w/guest experts like David Childress, Hugh Newman, Freddy Silva, Clifford Mahooty, Travis Walton, Tom Dongo, Brad Olsen, Brian forrestor, James Gilliland and many more as well as a special guest appearance by Hopi Wisdom Keeper, Ruben Saufkie who disusses Wupatki, the Hopi Prophecies and the Kachinas ET origin. Here is the 8-minute trailer:

Karmic entanglement in the Quantum field, Interdimensionality & Multidimensional space-time, Astral travel, Holographic projection, psychic phenomenon, paranormal activity, supernatural realms, aliens, angels, archangels, ascended masters, the Annunaki, the energy technology and spiritual gifts of ancient cultures, etc.,..

Lighten Up! TV presents Supernatural Adventures

Lighten Up! TV presents Supernatural Adventures
Here it is!!! The latest edition of Supernatural Adventures ~ Around the Globe and Into the Cosmos! This will be…

Preview YouTube video Lighten Up! TV presents Supernatural Adventures 


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