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Excerpted from “ANUNNAKI: LEGACY OF THE GODS–Techno-Savvy ET s From the Planet Nibiru Who Came For Gold, Created Us From Their Genome to Work the Mines, Posed As Gods, Decided to Let Us Drown, But Then Decided to Breed Us to Work For Them” by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin.

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Background: In 3840 BCE, Anu, King of the planet Nibiru, inspected the Earth gold mining facilities and the spaceport at Tiahuanaco. There, he pardoned Marduk for his attack on Commander Enlil’s forces. Marduk (now called Ra) returned to Egypt, where he and his priests from the city of Thebes warred against his half-brother Ningishzidda (Thoth) who ruled from Heliopolis and Memphis. After 350 years of strife along the Nile, Enki (AKA Ptah), Lord of Egypt, Seas and Africa, ordered Ningishzidda to cede Egypt to Marduk.

Ningishzidda moved on to build a stone observatory-planetarium at Lagash in Sumer and an observatory-astronomical computer in Britain in 3450 BCE before he moved on to build similar structures as well as tin and gold-processing plants atop the Andes and in Central America.

In Britain, around 2900 BCE, he selected a site on the Salisbury Plain to build Stonehenge I, a stone observatory and astronomical computer. Ningishzidda, with Middle Eastern and Black Olmec crew from Central America, rebuilt Stonehenge II and III from 2100 and 2000 BCE on the Salisbury Plain in Britain (80 miles from London), among people who had inhabited the area since 30,000 BCE.

Stonehenge I, the most elaborate of nine hundred ancient stone, wooden and earthen circles in the British Isles, as well as the largest and most complicated one in Europe,” adjusts for latitude. From the sight lines at Stonehenge, its keepers can sight foretell eclipses, solstices, moon phases and changing apparent positions of the stars.

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