Stargate to The Cosmos Tickets


Stargate To The Cosmos October 25-28
50 + Speakers, Experiencer Groups and Panels

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Full List of Speakers

Stargate to the Cosmos is a grass-roots advocacy movement designed to end the truth embargo and the atrocities perpetrated against humanity by the power elite that withhold vital information necessary for humans to live blissful lives. Everyone born has, as our birthright, as sovereign, sentient beings the basic right to live a peaceful, authentic life full of true happiness.
We at Stargate to the Cosmos are motivated by all wars and events where human rights and lives are threatened. We realize it’s time to end suffering and balance planet-wide inequality. We stand upon the shoulders of giants that have come before us.

Join us.  Celebrate.  Witness our birth.  We are  the generation that takes down the Wizard of Oz’s curtain that’s imprisoned us in hate, hurt and lies. Generation after generation, year after year, we ate lies fed to us.

We reveal and heal and launch the Stargate to the Cosmos, the portal that takes us TO THE STARS and reunites us with the cosmos and our eternal tribe.  We propel towards the long-awaited golden AGE OF AQUARIUS. We return to love that unites all worlds.


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