Solaris BlueRaven

Solaris BlueRaven is a Published Author, Producer, Writer, Editor and Public Speaker with a professional background in covert technology, surveillance, investigative research, healing modalities and technology.

She is known for her experience as a test pilot for synthetic telepathy, AI interface in connection to covert black projects of which she discloses in her book series “Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52″. She is a professional psychic,clairvoyant,remote viewer and systems buster for Mk Ultra related programs.

Ms. BlueRaven is also a certified 2nd Degree Black Belt and has an extensive background in Advanced Sciences and Mystical Alchemy.

For more information see her website at Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives.

Ms. BlueRaven hosts two radio shows:

Ravenstar’s Witching hour each Saturday night 12 Midnight EST on Revolution Radio at Studio A.

Solaris also hosts Hyperspace on KCOR Digital Radio Network each Friday at 12:00 Midnight EST/09:00 P.M. PST. You can preview the archives of the show at the following link listed below.

Solaris BlueRaven’s websites are and for public speaking and information regarding private sessions.


Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic telepathy, Covert technology and how star seeds become targets for experimentation. Future of AI using Hybrids.  Ascension beyond the false matrix. Transcending artificial intelligence.


Secret Space Program (SSP)
Time Travel, Teleportation, Technology, Solutions
Consciousness, Spirituality
FILMS” Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure in Covert Technology” documentary.

What topics do you cover in your research, books or work?

Covert technology, Synthetic Telepathy. Ascension, Black sciences beyond time travel. Hybrids. AI. Multidimensional design and navigation through the Cosmos. Celestial heritage, DNA activation. Black space projects and off-worlders.Book Titles and Descriptions:

“Transmutation Through Ascension” DNA activation and spirituality.

“Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52” Covert technology, AI and star seeds.

Mr. Sun and the Halloween Ball. Children’s book for Halloween/Samhain

“Programmed by Deception, Eye of the Remote Series II” the future of worlds and the connection between artificial intelligence and covert agendas.

“Eye of the Remote, A Disclosure of Covert Technology DVD documentary” Documentary and implant analysis on my persona induction into the covert warfare program in 2004.

“One Million Miles to Midnight” a spin-off connected to the future of Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism.

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