Anunnaki creators from Planet Nibiru started the Snake Brotherhood to save us so we’d make a civilized culture like theirs on Earth for them. 

Their Chief Scientist, LUCIFER (Enki) “forecast that Nibiru would sooner or later lose its atmosphere and civilization.  The sole hope to preserve it: the new human species adapted to the new world.”  

The ancient scenarios of divide-and-rule, to this very day, make us Earthlings deplete our resources, pollute our environment and wage war. The Anunnaki, giant Homo sapiens from the planet Nibiru, modeled a malevolent matrix that makes us recklessly exploit our resources and pollute. The hybrid Anunnaki-Homo erectus elite from their preferred line of Hybrids and their Anunnaki bosses block peace and unity among us ordinary people, the descendants of the earlier line of Hybrids they made as mine slaves. 

Anunnaki and hybrid overseers imprinted greed, one-upsmanship and dominator-consciousness on us. They modeled, dictated and indoctrinated avarice, domination, slavery, competition, hate and violence. 

The Anunnaki Boss, Yahweh (Enlil), wanted us unreflective, disease-prone, small-memoried and short-lived. “He did not count on the evolution of our genome and our intelligence because he did not expect to stay on this planet for so long” [Slave Species: 130,131]. 

The Anunnaki “were unhappy; the slaves were making rapid progress, gaining knowledge, and showing signs of higher intelligence.” The brightest of the preferred Hybrids, Adapa, rocketed to Nibiru and begged for Anunnaki longevity.  Nibiru King Anu denied him long life and sent him back to Earth to run slaves there. 

The Anunnaki “panicked and took steps to prevent slaves from gaining skills and knowledge.” The Royals didn’t know Chief Scientist Lucifer (Enki) taught some slaves in his Snake Society.  The Anunnaki pushed “the principle of divide and conquer successfully among the emerging human threat.”

We slaves greatly outnumbered the 900 Anunnaki here. We showed “signs of uncontrollable intelligence, asking too many questions, absorbing advanced technological knowledge without the gods’ permission.”

 Boss Enlil feared mutiny, hundreds of thousands of us who could refuse to slave.  He ordered the Anunnaki to hide our part-Nibiran genealogy.  Only Earthlings in Enki’s secret Snake Society knew that Enki made us part-Nibiran and (later) that Nibiran King Anu blocked our long-life genes.

 The double aim of Enki and Chief Med Officer Lilith (Ninmah):

(1) boost civilization on Earth that in the long run would carry the flame of humanity and civilization and to fulfill it. 

 (2) Generate a mixed-species who was a match for the Anunnaki mental and emotional intelligence.”  

Enki meant the Brotherhood to help us and help the Anunnaki too. 

Boss Enlil and his lineage wanted “a workforce of limited intelligence and kept in the dark concerning higher aims.” His men infiltrated Enki’s Brotherhood and split it into many secret cults. Earthling bloodlines Enlil selected ran most of the secret societies until Enki’s son Satan’s (Marduk’s) men infiltrated them. All the secret society cabals, whether Yahweh/Enlil or Satan/Marduk or Allah/Nannar ran them, hide our extraterrestrial genetic heritage [DoHerarty, 2011; Hardy, DNA: 12-13].


* Anunnaki: EVOLUTION of the GODS

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Giant humans, the Anunnaki from Planet Nibiru, bred, blessed, cursed and challenged us.

They came for gold.

They grafted Homo erectus genes onto their genome to make us to get dig the gold for them.

They gave us

But they
*imprinted dominator-consciousness on us,
*shortened our lives,
*got us to obsess on status and greed.

They inflicted
* nationalism|
*gold lust,
*propaganda, and
on us.

They pledge us an Aquarian Age free from the god-spell, nation-bane, materialist-compulsion, master-slave curse, god-devotee hypnosis, boss-worker hex, and lord-tenant model they imposed.

* Anunnaki: EVOLUTION of the GODS * by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. & Janet Kira Lessin


The Anunnaki, people like us, rocketed here 450,000 for years ago for gold to send home to powder for a sky shield.

200,000 years ago, their miners on Earth mutinied. To replace them, the Anunnaki created us from their genome, copper, clay-embedded minerals, copper and genes from Bigfoot’s African ancestor.

The Anunnaki gave us math, architecture, writing, botany, zoology, geography, kings, taxes, temples, priests, record-keeping, laws, libraries, kilns, wheeled vehicles, paved roads, medicine, festivals, beer, art, music, instruments, dance, and textiles.

But they also imposed hierarchy, misogyny, violence, greed, slavery, debt, and war. In 2024 BCE they ruined their Mediterranean cities with nuclear bombs and fallout.

Most of them returned to Nibiru, but some stayed and, with their hybrid kin, have kept us pitted against each other in dominator consciousness.

Recently, however, Anunnaki Royals returned to Earth, joined Enki, and pledge to usher in the Age of Enki.
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