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From “Benefit from Extraterrestrial Contact” by Hypnotherapist Dr. Sasha Lessin, in EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES

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Most of us experience the Other-Sphere.  The Other-Sphere inspires us with visions and dreams. It gives us flashes of alien, paranormal, experiences or life- reviews before revival from death experiences.  The Other-Sphere greets us when we recall time travel, meet sages in meditation or merge with the Prime Creator.  The Other-Sphere’s where you commune with ghosts, extraterrestrials and gods.  You get whole lives in other times and places.

Arrange a quiet private, uninterrupted space–no pets or phones–for you to explore–either alone or with partners).  Place several chairs and cushions near you. Ask a partner to read the cues (in bold) to you and give you lots time (several breaths at least) to respond (where you see three asterisks (***) to each cue.  The reader speaks when a cue is followed by this symbol ###.

Sit on this seat; Breathe deeply and relax more with each exhale. Connect with the Earth when you breathe out, connect with the sky when you inhale.  Imagine you join earth-awareness to awareness of the heavens when you exhale and offer spiritual energy to Earth. 


Consider the part of you that sits here now; that’s your Primary Voice right now.  Is it your Spiritual Seeker? Your Inner Critic?  What’s the part, inner voice or attitude from which you regard me as I read to you?   What name should I use to refer to the inner voice that’s in the forefront of you as you relate to me at this moment? ***

[Remember the word (eg: “Critic” or “Seeker”) partner uses for this inner personality]


Physically move to a new seat to ROLE PLAY__ [say name partner for his or her Primary Voice.]

[Wait till partner changes seat]

On this seat, you’ll let ___ [Primary’s name] speak.  As you settle onto this seat, embody ___ [Primary’s name]; get a sense of what you want and why you want what you do.  As ___ [Primary’s name], I’m one of [Partner’s name]’s inner voices.  My job, in his/her [choose one] ecology is… ***

If you, ___ [Primary’s name], ran your person’s life, what would you have him/her do? ***

 What, ___ [Primary’s name], do you want and what do you really need? ***

When did you first become a powerful voice in your person’s life?  How long have you been around? ***

What’s your history, ___ [Primary’s name]? What situations brought you out and how did you protect your person from pain or feeling inferior? ***

What contributions have you, as ___ [Primary’s name], made to        [Partner’s name]?  What would you like___ [Partner’s name] to acknowledge and appreciate you for?

If      [Partner’s name] begins to access an experience you consider too intense for     [him/her] now, interrupt us.  Say, “I want to discuss this from my Center,” and we’ll do just that.  Nod “Yes,” when you understand. [wait for nod; repeat if needed] Good.  Go deeper.

How have you protected your person’s vulnerable Inner Child? How do you do you protect her tender feelings nowadays? ***

What, ___ [Primary’s name], are your concerns? ***

Thank you, I liked our talk. 

Let       [Partner’s name] return to the Center position?  *** [Wait till partner moves.]


Hi, Center.  Tell your observations on the voice you just embodied. ***


Move from the seat you’re on to another.  Imagine, as you move to the new seat that you become your Inner Child, the vulnerable part that feels everything others say and do, the part that knows if other people feel their own inner playful, sensitive, magic inner kids. 

As     [Partner’s name]’s Child, say what you’re like.  ***

What, Child, does      [Partner’s name] do that frightens you? ***

What does      [Partner’s name] do that lets you feel playful? ***

What does [Partner’s name] do that brings out your magical, psychic, creative aspects? ***

Tell       [Partner’s name], Child, what you feel about the way      [Partner’s name] conducts life.  ***

If you, Child, controlled      [Partner’s name]s life, how would you have her/him conduct it?  ***

How would you like      [Partner’s name] to make sure you feel secure, safe and healthy?  ***

Name people in your life, whom you sense can feel their inner children. ***

Thank you.  Now let      [Partner’s name] disidentify with–stop enacting–your Child.  Separate from Child.  Return to your original seat. 

As yourself,      [Partner’s name], the Center, comment on roleplaying, then disidentifying with Child? ***

Hold before you a mixer board. Notice its intensity gauges for who tracts–one for your Inner Child and one for ___ [Primary’s name].

Imagine you feel safe to let your inner child out and turn up the child intensity.  Feel that in your body.  Nod when you do.

Now imagine that ___ [Primary’s name] signals you to tune your Child energy down and let ___ [Primary’s name] come forward to shield your Inner Kid.

Practice moving the levers between these two subselves, as you imagine changes in your situation. [long pause, many breaths].  Realize that you, [Partner’s name] recognize, accept and coordinate behaviors to meet the deep needs of each of your inner parts.


Stand behind me and become neutral. Witness the energy from each of the positions    [Primary’s name]s and your Inner Child’s. Feel the energy of each as I review them for you. [Review what Experiencer said from each voice]### 

Move back to the seat for your Center.  With the info from your Inner Witness on your current situation, comment on the balance in your life between     [Primary’s name]’s and your Inner Child.. ***



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