By Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D.

In 1989, Barbara Jean Lindsey had an NDE (near-death-experience) after she channeled Sekhmet, an ancient Egyptian being.  Barbara Jean’s her lungs collapsed and she died in front of a live audience.  As her body lay in a coma in the ICU, her to a UFO where she got downloads from the Galactic Council.

Hear her interviews where she relates her downloads and travels to sacred.  She reveals her encounters with spiritual, interdimensional and  extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional beings.

EXPERIENCE YOURSELF IN THE AFTERLIFE REVIEW: Do-It-Yourself Visualization to Better Your Life

Imagine a way you–but no one else you know–are dying.  DESCRIBE YOUR DEATH scene.  Say what leads up to your death; say it in the present tense, as though it happens as you tell it.  Set the scene.  Say who’s present when you die. 

Describe the situation.

SEPARATE FROM YOUR BODY and suffering.  Feel relief and peace. FROM ABOVE SEE the people nearby.  Try, but fail to talk to and touch them.  Realize you died. 

What does your EPITAPH say? 

Whoosh down a tunnel, then up toward the light.  Let the spirits of loved ones who already died extend their HANDS and GUIDE you and take you to the place of karmic review.  Who reaches out to guide you up toward the light? 

Let your guides take you to the loving beings of Light, the Karmic Guides or the LIFE-REVIEW COMMITTEE.  Let them show you, by giving you direct experiences, the MAIN EVENTS OF YOUR LIFE AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES FOR OTHERS.  Say what you’re seeing, express how you feel about what you see.  

Witness and talk about LOVE YOU GAVE AND LOVE YOU GOT. 

WHAT DID YOU NEED TO LEARN from your life?   

What did you need to experience?

At what, if any, point, did things go wrong?

What did the life you left mean?  How did it serve in you and humanity?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY, if you had it to do again? 

WHAT DID YOU CONTRIBUTE to humanity, to the consciousness of the cosmos.

Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the SPIRITS OF THOSE YOU HURT, BETRAYED OR ABANDONED. What do you have to say to each of them?

Identify with each and as them, reply.

If you failed in this life, communicate with the spirits of those whom you let down.  Let them forgive and comfort you.  Tell me what they say.

Find in the spirit world, one-by-one, the spirits of people who hurt, betrayed or abandoned-you.  Let each of them, in turn, use your voice and talk to you. 

In the spirit world too, what do you have to say to each of them?  


Hear your Karmic Guides assign you tasks to BALANCE YOUR KARMA.  You can create karmic balance with kindness you give to people other than those you hurt or failed. 

 What are your karma-balancing tasks?

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