JUPITER TACKED GRANDLY & NIBIRU INVADED: Our Solar System Formed Inside Out, Then Nibiru Shot Though

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From ANUNNAKI, LEGACY OF THE GODS* by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, UCLA )& Janet Kira Lessin (CEO, Aquarian Media)

In the GRAND TACK, Jupiter formed at 3.5 Astronomical Units, then moved toward the sun at 1.5 AU. Then it moved away from the sun and pulled Saturn with it, due to the force of its orbital resonance, until it stopped at 1.5 AU.

Jupiter crossed the Asteroid Belt twice and scattered asteroids both toward and away from the sun.

Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moves swept away space pebbles and dust and made a gap through which gas steamed in a torque pattern that moved the planets, which had been moving toward the sun, away from it.

The moves of Jupiter and Saturn swept so much space junk, the building blocks of planets, that Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury had to form smaller than they would have if the Grand Tack hadn’t occurred.

Icy asteroids beyond Jupiter formed from the Jupiter-Saturn tack outward and these icy asteroids collided with Mars and Earth and gave them water.



* ANUNNAKI, LEGACY OF THE GODS trashes the matrix that spoils the planet et Homo Sapien giants from the planet Nibiru created short-lived slave–that’s us–from their genome to work goldmines.

We called them “Anunnaki–Gods-From-The-Sky.

They taught us violence, greed, slavery, debt.

Their Chief Scientist begat Noah with an Earthling. Since the Deluge, Anunnaki have ruled through Noah’s descendants.

Most Anunnaki returned to Nibiru after they nuked Canaan and Sinai and accidentally radiated Iraq. Some Anunnaki stayed to run Earth. They and their power elite still control us, playing us off against each other with wars, nations, empires, religions and debt.

ANUNNAKI, LEGACY OF THE GODS, helps us perceive the perverse perspective they perpetrated will not prevail.

Peruse this volume, see the matrix they made. Nullify the Anunnaki Legacy and we can create a civilized world that honors everyone’s consciousness.




























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