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Bio ~ About Dr, Joan of Angels

Dr. Joan Hangarter, renown chiropractor and spiritual teacher for almost 40 years, was asked to paint 33 angels in 30 days. Her willingness to say yes opened a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings and a Master Oracle Trainer, guiding souls to find their way to the doorways.

Within the decade, she has become known as a visionary artist and oracle bringing messages of hope, miracles, healing and inspiration.

Through accepting the Miracle Pathway, Joan discovered how to activate and open portals for divine transmissions from Angels and Messengers to traverse through. As a renown visionary and channel, she will guide you into the miraculous.

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Power On! How to Increase your Frequency with Joan of Angels

Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew how to turn on your Master Healer Switch and activate your bodies innate healing powers. Align your body, mind and spirit to increase your health, vitality and energy to achieve your dreams and visions! Step into your Mastery.

Awaken to Miracles and Experience your Divinity

Experience an activation of the Miracle Grids personally and globally, as we align with your mission and purpose, raise your vibration, and learn to step into the energy of joy.

Joan of Angels will inspire you to turn on your Master Healer Switch and launch your most powerful year to date. She will show you how to step into your mastery, to use the gifts you have, and to launch the dreams and visions within.

Be prepared to experience a vibrational shift within to the frequencies of synchronicities and miracles.

How to Feel the Presence of Your Guides and other Inter-frequency Beings

Dr. Joan of Angels shares tools to raise your frequency and vibration to open you to receive information, wisdom, messages or images from guides that are here to assist you on your Soul Growth. As an Oracle Artist, Joan can take you through stargates and portals, through images and guided meditations, so you can literally feel the shifting of your consciousness.

Joan is known as a Master Ascension Oracle Trainer. who assists you in shifting into the higher realms.

Say Yes To Your Destiny – Tools to getting on track

Say Yes to your Destiny and Watch the Magic Happen

Whoever said, Planet Earth was a piece of cake, was quite mistaken. I’ve come to the conclusion, life here is not for the faint of heart. Not at all. Without a strong sense of determination, commitment, and tenacity, it’s easy to forget why you are here, and to get lost in the fray, only to wake up years later and wonder where your passion went.

If you knew what that purpose was, and how to get on the path, well, that would make it easy, wouldn’t it? But that’s not what happens. Life is filled with ongoing, unexpected twists and turns. It’s possible, fears, insecurities and doubt creep in, leading you to escape into distractions such as alcohol, drugs, or abusive, controlling relationships. Learn to let go anything that no longer serves you as you master the gifts you came here to do.

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Youtube videos: ET’s and Angels:

44 Days of Awakening to Miracles 2018:

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Miracle Messages Oracle Deck by Joan of Angels

About the Deck

Miracle Messages by Joan of Angels includes 44 angelic beings and portals that have been working through Joan and bringing messages to humanity. On Halloween of 2013, 33 Angels asked to be painted in 30 days, opening a portal to allow Joan of Angels to emerge as a messenger for divine beings.

Miracle Messages – a 44 card Oracle Deck by the Masters of MIracles channeled through Joan of Angels

By using the guidance revealed by the Miracle Messages from the Master of Miracles Oracle Deck, you too will merge your journey onto the Miracle Pathway and find yourself an official member of the Miracle Makers Club. The deck is $35.00 plus $4.50 shipping included in the price of $39.50

Messages Oracle Deck by Joan of Angels – click HERE

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