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Jennifer W. Stein is the C0-PRODUCER, WRITER, and director and developer of the newest award winning film about the famous Travis Walton UFO incident form 1975. The film is based on Travis Walton’s book Fire in Sky. The film provides a more accurate accounting of the 1975 events than it’s predecessor the paramount motion picture by the same name released in 1995.

For more information visit TRAVISWALTONTHEMOVIE.COM

Jennifer won two Open Minds’ International UFO Congress  EBE film festival awards for the Travis Film in February 2015, launching this film and the 40thanniversary Travis Walton UFO Conference event which took place in Heber November 5, 2015. These prestigious awards also catapulted the film and Jennifer into the UFO conference circuit over the past two years. The film has now won 10 awards film festivals awards around the world and continues to screen at UFO conferences, film festivals, and private screenings. It is currently being considered for sale to an unnamed network.

In 2012 Jennifer and her co Producer Ron James won two Open Minds’ International UFO Congress EBE film festival awards for The Disclosure Dialogues. This documentary film set a unique in that it contains over 20 hours of edited interviews on the UFO topic on 5 DVD’s.

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Introduction and Bio”

Jennifer holds a B.S. in textiles from the University of Arizona

and is a self-taught entrepreneur, business owner,  multi-award winning filmmaker, & activist, who believes film has the power to educate, inspire and empower, unlike any other medium.  Her film work covers many areas of social action, education and advocacy including, deep dialogue peace initiatives, sensible PA gun legislation, ancient history, archaeology, UFOs, crop circles, yoga, meditation, & macrobiotics. Jennifer has been a state section director for MUFON Pa for 17 years and is the founder of Mainline MUFON, – a Philadelphia based MUFON chapter that provides monthly free educational programming thru the public library system on topics pertinent to MUFON and Noetic Sciences. Jennifer hosts her own public access television program in the Philadelphia area called Main Line MUFON. Jennifer has been active behind the scenes helping to direct the development of MUFON Television, with friend and fellow co-producer of various film projects, Ron James.

Jennifer is a member of the ICCRA (International Crop circle researchers Association) and has lectured on crop circles in England, Canada, and France.  Her research has covers English Canadian and US formations. Her lecture today will focus primarily on historical data from US and Canadian formations detailing what the facts reveal and where the research leads us toward further study. She has appeared on Richard Sayretts Canadian Television specials on Crop Circles, and numerous Internet radio programs in France, England, Canada and the United states.  In addition Jennifer lectures on Gobeklie Tepe, and other ancient sites in, Peru, Bolivia, and Easter Island, as result of her  role as an occasional research assistant with the late great  Zechariah Sitchin.

For additional information:

Added Personal background if you want it: defines the activist work.

Jennifer is not new to tackling taboo topics,

in the early 90”s she was a founding member of the Coalition Against Jewish Domestic Violence,  focusing on educating the Jewish community about Jewish Women’s lives dealing with domestic violence within the Jewish Community.

Jennifer was also an early founding member of Cease Fire PA, a non-profit educating the public about needed legislation to protect against gun violence while protecting our right to bear arms sensibly. Professionally she owned & operated her own special events coordination business, J. W. S. Events Inc. for 10 years before shifting into film work full time.

“I want to help effect lasting change in my community, and documentary film work and community outreach is a powerful way to do this.” Founding Mainline MUFON was a way to bring like-minded people together at our local library for regular programming on topics such as archeology, ancient civilizations, and ancient architecture, phenomenon experience, UFO’s, crop circles, sacred geometry, as well as precognitive phenomena, ESP, remote viewing, and the science of consciousness.


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