Hypnosis = Suggestion

Hypnosis means “suggestion.” 

Other Sphere

The “Other-Sphere” is what we experience beyond consensus-reality. In the Other-Sphere, we get alien contact, abduction, attachments, time travel, near-death, archetypes, ghosts, other lives, repressed trauma and spiritual experiences.

 “All living creatures exist within a vast spectrum of eternal, infinite universes, many of which are purely mental.  This greater reality” connects “multiple alternative interpenetrating universes–parallel worlds of the multiverse or ‘eternisphere.  Within the eternisphere are morphogenetic fields, pure thought forms that pre-exist physical matter. All organisms, ethereal and physical, are eternally entangled on a quantum level while simultaneously taking on the illusion of separation by time and space.”  To our individual minds whatever we don’t know now exists in the Other Sphere where “every moment in the past that has already occurred and every potential moment from the future along with the life choices we do not select.” [Brinegar: 40-45]

“The vast majority of individuals that had UFO contact with nonhuman intelligent beings (NHIBs) view their experiences as “positive” and have many paranormal experiences.  NHIBs interacting with us might be multi-dimensional on multiple levels of reality.” [Hernandez, 2018]


Hypnosis & The Other Sphere gives you cues to recall and integrate alien encounters, UFO events, missing time, implants, near deaths, childhood imprints and other (past, simultaneous, and future) lives. You learn to fully access and grow from non-ordinary experiences.  Use the cues to help others understand themselves and humanity too.

In sum, with the cues, you can

1) hypnotize yourself–just by reading or preparing a recording on your phone to guide you through the cues

2) take turns with partners who read the hypnotic inductions and memory magnifier cues that accompany each Other-Sphere exploration, or

3) mix private and partner exploration; do some each way and notice how your explorations in private compare with those where you and a partner took turns.

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Learn about hypnosis and how it opens portals to the “Other-Sphere” at Earth at the STARGATE TO THE COSMOS EXPO October 25-28, 2018, Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, NM 808-214-3442. To register:

At the Expo, Dr. Lessin and Janet–Certified Hypnotherapists–lead a workshop called HYPNOSIS, ET & UFO CONTACT, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, IMPRINTS, OTHER LIVES, MISSING TIME & PARANORMAL PHENOMENA.

If you come to the Expo, the Lessins monitor you as you take turns leading each other with cue-sheets that teach you how you can explore UFO and alien encounters, missing time, childhood imprints, past-life experiences, future lives, implants, simultaneous lives. With the cues, you can also explore pregnancies without intercourse, near-deaths (NDEs), contacts with the deceased, attachments, military and men-in-black abductions or spiritual experiences.

You keep a cue-packet for further safe, self- and partner-hypnosis tools.

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