Montauk Project, Mind-Control & Programming (Lecture) – Stewart Swerdlow

STEWART SWERDLOW Presents at the 2018 Stargate to the Cosmos Expo - October 25-28, 2018 at the Ramada Albuquerque Midtown Hotel. Stewart's schedule: Register now to get the discounted price! Montauk: The Alien Connection Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart met Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments, known as the Montauk Project. After refusing to break his association with Nichols, Stewart was incarcerated by the authorities but the truth began to reveal itself. Struggling for his life, Stewart [...]

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Assessment & Acceptance of What Is – Workshop – Hildegard Gmeiner

Title: ASSESSMENT & ACCEPTANCE of WHAT IS with Hildegard Gmeiner (via Skype) This is the first of a serious of webinars/seminars Hildegard is offering to assist her clients, to turn the gaze inward, and to consciously create a life, guided by one’s unique soul guidance system. The process of consciously creating the reality we want begins with the conscious assessment of the status quo. This lecture will address, the significance of accepting yourself as the creators of our reality, and to that end, Hildegard will share her experiences of various realities, as well as speak about the world of illusion, and how to know the difference, as well as how to tune into our soul’s unique energetic vortex. To that [...]

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Andy Lloyd

Planet X researcher for 20 years. Author of three books (including "Dark Star: The Planet X Evidence"), with a fourth non-fiction title due for publication late 2018. Works as a Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire, in nursing, and as a freelance artist (fine art, murals). Science graduate. Astrophysics wonk and blogger. Reader in ancient mysteries and alternative theories. Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Blog | The shard-like asteroid from deep space which shot through the solar system last years, known as ‘Oumuamua, set many an astronomer’s heart racing. Social media: PRESENTATIONS (60 Minutes) Planet X / Planet Nine It's now just a matter of time before another major planet is discovered in the [...]

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Ralph Rodehag

My name is Ralph Rodehag and I was born in Sweden 1959. I had a nice childhood growing up filled with love and support. My biological father died when I was about 2 years old. My mother worked in the hospitals as a nurse and was a very loving person always caring for others. During my growth, I spent time both in Sweden and in the USA as I had an American stepdad (Howard Menger) and family. I was active in sports, had an interest to become a pilot since the age of 7 and did well in school. Eventually, I started flying. I started with soaring at age 15. I also was active in the military, learning about flying. This included [...]

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Brooks Agnew

Brooks Agnew grew up in Pasadena, California hanging around JPL and Cal Tech.  He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering.  He received his bachelors in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University with honors.  He is a Certified Quality Engineer, a SixSigma Master and a member of the Society of Automotive Engineering. He is the author of 7 Amazon best-sellers with 10 titles in print.  He is one of the most recognized voices on the mysteries of Earth and the universe.  He has been the host of X-Squared Radio for 14 years on Sunday evenings at 8PM Eastern time.  He has been featured on History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Science Channel as [...]

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WHITE ANUNNAKI GIANTS PRECEDED MODERN AMERICAN INDIANS IN NORTH AMERICA–Michael Lee Hill, Today’s Embodyment of Sumer’s Enki/Iroquois Peacemaker, Blows Whistle on Smithsonian

by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) ATLANTEANS White-skinned, red-haired, blue-eyed bearded people from Atlantis--settlers from the planet Atlan in Lyra who fled to the Pleiades before the Galactic Federation settled them on Earth.  Several White groups set up mining operations and power plants in eastern North America long before the so-called Native Americans settled there from across the Bering Strait.  SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICAN "INDIANS" Sometime after 185,900 BCE, Enlil, Commander of the Anunnaki Goldmining Expedition to Earth, ordered his sons Ninurta and Adad (Ishkir-Viracocha) to develop their landing platform at Pumapunku into the Tiahuanacu (Peru) spaceport and smelting facilities atop the Andes.  After Noah's flood, some 13,000 years ago, Ningishzidda-Thoth (AKA Quetzlcoatl and Kukuklan) brought descendants of  Enki's hybrid [...]

WHITE ANUNNAKI GIANTS PRECEDED MODERN AMERICAN INDIANS IN NORTH AMERICA–Michael Lee Hill, Today’s Embodyment of Sumer’s Enki/Iroquois Peacemaker, Blows Whistle on Smithsonian2018-07-01T10:17:51+00:00


In this episode (part of a series on our various radio networks) hear us interview Russell Scott Brinegar.  Brinegar's 2016 tome, Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence better accounts for the Anunnaki, UFOs, alien abductions, paranormal encounters and near-death experiences than any other explanation. Artificial intelligence (AI) drives our history, alien encounters and paranormal experiences.  The universe itself might be a computer matrix attempting to solve a problem. ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF IN THE OTHER SPHERE   The“Other-Sphere” is experienced and inferred reality beyond the consensus-reality that media and schools promote. The Other-Sphere includes alien contact, abduction, attachments, time travel, near-death, archetypes, ghosts, other lives, repressed trauma, satanic rites and spiritual experiences. Brinegar, in his [...]

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Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph. D.

Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropogy, UCLA) & Janet Kira Lessin (Aquarian Radio) Sasha Alex Lessin Ph.D., author of Anunnaki: Gods No More and producer of the hugely popular web site,, studied with the late Zecharia Sitchin, for many years. Mr. Sitchin asked Lessin to create popular courses to revise ancient anthropology and add the aliens, the Anunnaki, on Earth from 450,000 – 300BCE. Janet Kira Lessin, a lifelong scholar and experiencer of ET contacts, and a student of Sitchin as well, is the voice of Ninmah consciousness and is dedicated to bringing the wisdom of Ninmah to the world.  She has co-authored Anunnaki: Legacy of the Gods with Dr. Lessin. Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. is also a Certified Hypnotherapist [...]

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Russ Kellett

Russ Kellett is well known in the UFO subject as a ufo investigator. He is also an abductee who is part of the secret space program. He is well known for his down to earth no nonsense stance on the subject and tells it like it is. He has a good relationship with Meany media outlets from international newspaper group breaking news story's that have made front page around the world. He has written for many magazines in the subject. Russ as also taken part in a number of UFO-related television programs from B.B.C TV, Carlton TV, Bravo TV and many more. He as also been gust on many radio shows on FM Radio as well as Internet Radio. Russ [...]

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