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Jennifer Stein’s Films SITCHIN, WALTON & her latest on CROP CIRCLES

ZECHARIA SITCHIN: ANUNNAKI FROM PLANET NIBIRU DICTATED HISTORY OF PROVED OUR CREATION & MANIPULATION Jennifer Stein produced the memorial film about her mentor, Zecharia Sitchin, who translated clay tablets, statue bases and monuments scribes inscribed in ancient Sumer. Friends, students, and family of Zecharia Sitchin’s gathered for a memorial service for Zecharia Sitchin in New York …

Blog Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein

Jennifer W. Stein is the C0-PRODUCER, WRITER, and director and developer of the newest award winning film about the famous Travis Walton UFO incident form 1975. The film is based on Travis Walton’s book Fire in Sky. The film provides a more accurate accounting of the 1975 events than it’s predecessor the paramount motion picture …