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Barrie Gellis

Barrie on No Victims – “You Create Your Own Reality” by Barrie Gellis

9-30-30 Barrie on No Victims  – Copyright 2018 by Barrie Gellis “You Create Your Own Reality!” Most folks have heard or used this expression without much thought about what it may actually mean or not mean. This has created plush spiritual fields upon which to sow wide variety of notions and reap confusion. For clarification and the sake of this …

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Barrie Gellis

Barrie Gellis has given many live and online presentations and interviews on Seth, UFOs, and The Secret, as well as other spiritual and metaphysical topics. He is a former member of Jane Roberts’ ESP class in Elmira (one of the New York Boys), and was referred to as “our poet” by Seth in 1972. In …