Apolla Asteria ~ Bio

Apolla Asteria Emcee, Volunteer Participates in 8 items APOLLA ASTERIA Apolla is an actress, model, and ‘muse'ician, as well as CEO of her own company "Shaman Spears" which are beautifully handcrafted energy channeling devices. But more importantly, Apolla is an initiate of Mysticism on her journey to enlightenment. She is a practiced and certified Quantum Youch Energy Healer. Apolla is well-read and spends a majority of her time researching and studying in the areas of Esoteric Philosophy, Shamanism, Exopolitics, Ancient Aliens, lost civilizations and is on a mission to discover the truth of our past. As a Heyoka Empath with incredibly catalytic energy, she considers her purpose to be a leader of her generation in the current paradigm shift. She [...]