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Basic Income for ET & Paranormal Experiencers’ Freedom of Speech–by Karen Christine Patrick


The Basic Income Guarantee (B.I.G.), also called the Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.), is the idea to combat poverty, wealth inequality, and to take humanity into a new future that works for everybody. One of the biggest fears for experiencers is the fear of social and financial assassination should they tell their story. That is not an unfounded fear as it falls under the general fear, so ubiquitous as to be misunderstood, of financial assassination endemic to the economy in general. so ubiquitous as to be misunderstood.  Disclosers, whistleblowers & ET & paranormal experiencers need Basic Income to prevent financial assassination due to their disclosures and retaliation by secret-keepers.
Most people would be surprised who in American history supported a Basic Income. Thomas Paine, the American writer, supported a recompense for citizens who did not have access to the land for sustenance, yet provided labor for America’s growing communities. Martin Luther King talked about abolishing poverty directly with a direct cash transfer to give a floor to poverty so people could not go down and completely out. The father of Supply Side Economics favored by the Reagan Administration, Milton Friedman, recommended a Negative Income Tax as a type of Basic Income. Without the balance of a “Demand Side” support like Friedman suggested, wealth inequality has run rampant. Added to technological unemployment through innovations based on internet technology, it is time to revisit the idea of a Basic Income just as an idea to share the benefits of new technology generally, rather than just for wealthy interests.

Any idea of a way to prevent financial assassination due to the prejudice of being an experiencer should be explored. In order to understand what is going on with experiencers scientifically, it is important to remove the stigma associated. We literally do not have free speech on this issue as long as people can put out into the cold.

The Basic Income is something our experiencer community should be informed about.

Ms. Patrick will be sharing her book, “WEIRD SHOULDN’T STARVE: The Basic Income for Real Freedom of Speech.”
Karen Christine Patrick is an experiencer, psychic, a researcher, a radio personality, video producer, and author. Ms. Patrick has been involved in projects covering the topics of exopolitics, the paranormal, and contact with non-human intelligence. Ms. Patrick is a part of the Aquarian Radio Network and collaborates with other producers and talent in the paranormal and experiencer-based radio world. She lives with their family and two dogs in New Mexico. Karen Christine Patrick has been an advocate for the Basic Income as the admin for Caregivers for a Basic Income, and on Twitter for “Basic Income New Mexico.”


OVERCOMING THE HIERARCH MIND– based on the Gnostic traditional idea of influence by “Archons” into our culture resulting in the number one mental disorder, the Hierarch Mind. Sometimes also called “Wetiko” by Native People, it is a mindset of thinking in a pyramidic construct of relationships between people instead of a continuum of equality. This course is meant as a mental self-defense for people who have had their self-esteem decreased by hitting up against the hierarch mindset, designed with a mental self-defense toolbox of, using Intuitive Journaling as a reflective tool for self-empowerment.

PART 1: Defining The Hierarch Mind

Revealing the “Pyramid of Power” and the “Pyramidion of Power” by its management of public and personal perception, formerly through politics and religion, now mainly through the media in a “Consensus Reality Show.” The Gnostics were warning humanity about the effects of the “Archons” who gave humans the Hierarch mind, the most common mental illnesses that proliferate, causing untold harm and discord amongst humans.

PART 2: Examples of the Hierarch Mind

The Hierarch mind in its many forms, the many types of tricks used that exert coercion in attempts, usually successful, to control humans up an include direct violence and human sacrifice. Learn what “winners” of the Hierarch Game get.

PART 3: Self-Defense Tool Box

See and combat the effects of the Hierarch mind on a personal level.

PART 4: Defining the Center Self

Find the Center Self that is often completely lost in the onslaught of the Hierarch Mind programming of society. Use energy work to shore up feelings and empowering tools to stay in a chosen way of feeling.

PART 5: Conclusion and Resources for further study


INTUITIVE JOURNALING (60 minutes) is a course teaching the reflective tool of Intuitive Journaling. The course will include many different types of journaling techniques, meant to inspire, and the use of the Bullet Journal to bring it all together for a tool useful the self-discovery through the Broad Internal P.O.V.

PART 1: What is Intuitive Journaling?
Intuitive Journaling is using modalities such as art, creativity, going into the “flow” that helps to uncover, reveal ideas about one’s self, or about one’s paradigm, to connect with spiritual and mental influences, to regain empowerment lost to the everyday consensus reality show. To go back into the Center Self and reclaim the right to one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

PART 2: Journaling Modalities.

This course covers types of journaling practices, art journaling techniques, and a brief introduction to the Bullet Journal, a toolbox of journaling ideas from which the participant may try all, or a few, in the Question of Life, “Quest I Own.”

PART 3: Positive Preparations Rituals
Some are fearful of letting go into the flow of free-form or artistic intuitive process, so this lesson explores some ideas on setting the intention and feeling protected, creating a Sacred Space for this type of journaling. How to handle when negativity flows out that is confusing or alarming. Creating a safety plan for prying Others in the household.

PART 4: Giving Into The Flow
How to explore limiting beliefs that hold you back from saying what you will, speaking your truth. How to write your way out of situations, to re-frame situations to make the response to them be more satisfactory. How to accept where you are right now with the idea that you won’t always be in that limiting frame of mind.

PART 5: Conclusion and Resources for further study
Includes more about this topic, where to find ideas and resources on the topics shared in the class.


When Karen Christine Patrick went to school as a young child in the Bay Area of California, she was recruited for the program called Project Talent. This program was implemented state-wide in California, in the late 1960’s, ostensibly to look for “gifted and talented” students. However, it has come to light that the program also was looking for psychically gifted children as part of a Cold War-era objective to catch up to the Russians who had a fully-developed research program studying parapsychology.

Project Talent was likely a descendant project from Project Paperclip and MKUltra. Project Talent was a public program with a clandestine agenda, developed as a way to screen public schoolchildren in the California school systems, looking for children with psychic and remote-viewing abilities. Karen’s recruitment was interrupted by a mysterious intervention. Because of Karen’s religious upbringing, she became frightened of the skills she was being tested for and suppressed her “gnosive” talents.

After college, her professional career included over 20 years in the computer science field where she worked for a business that was involved in software development. She worked as a process analyst, proposal writer, and web developer before working fulltime as a family caregiver for a disabled family member. Later in life, Ms. Patrick began to remember incidents in her school years. Also, she recalled incidents of a paranormal nature that had occurred throughout her life. When her kids were grown, she had time to research what was behind paranormal phenomena. Ms. Patrick found the study of this area of research was almost “too easy” and weirdly serendipitous. After a time, she began to participate as a co-host and later, a producer, of radio programs on esoteric and paranormal topics with discussing these subjects triggering memories.

Karen remembers many incidents of receiving downloads and being in contact with non-human intelligences, including Native American ancestors, an Anunnaki ancestor, an insectoid being, an alien on a lunar base, and others. These guides help her throw off the suppression and come fully into using her abilities. The information she receives helps her with a sense of mission she has had since a young child. She can know what she needs to know to help catalyze Paradigm Galactic, the state of understanding where humanity knows that Earth is in a populated cosmos.

Karen Christine Patrick is an experiencer, psychic, a researcher, a radio personality, video producer, and author. Ms. Patrick has been involved in projects covering the topics of exopolitics, the paranormal, and contact with non-human intelligence. Ms. Patrick is a part of the Aquarian Radio Network and collaborates with other producers and talent in the paranormal and experiencer-based radio world. She lives with their family and two dogs in New Mexico.

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