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Assessment & Acceptance of What Is – Workshop – Hildegard Gmeiner

Title: ASSESSMENT & ACCEPTANCE of WHAT IS with Hildegard Gmeiner (via Skype)

This is the first of a serious of webinars/seminars Hildegard is offering to assist her clients, to turn the gaze inward, and to consciously create a life, guided by one’s unique soul guidance system.

The process of consciously creating the reality we want begins with the conscious assessment of the status quo. This lecture will address, the significance of accepting yourself as the creators of our reality, and to that end, Hildegard will share her experiences of various realities, as well as speak about the world of illusion, and how to know the difference, as well as how to tune into our soul’s unique energetic vortex.

To that end, you will learn some simple techniques and tools, to help you become aware of what’s currently happy-making and what’s currently dimming your joy and light, and what is currently uplifting and adding to your Joy of Life. That includes learning ways to differentiate between different sensory inputs and how to recognize the messages/guidance coming from them.

We will discover the language of the soul and the language of life, and how to utilize those inputs to bring about the desired transformation in your life. –

Once aware of once inner software, and unconscious self-sabotaging, inner decision-making processes, one can now fine-tune one’s instrument (our transmitter & receiver) to attract desired outcomes, rather than unconsciously, due to lack of knowledge, have our unconscious emission into the field of all potentiality, work against us.

Hildegard is hosting a monthly support group for Cosmic-Experiencer’s in Toronto/Canada. She is a columnist in the brand-new “It’s a Beautiful Life” magazine, launched on 12th July 2018 by AtFaceValue Marketing, and is also a poet.

As an Intuitive Awareness Consultant, she supports her clients during the process of recognizing and trusting their soul-essence guidance system and helps them learn how to live a life guided from within, utilizing their inner wisdom, to fulfill on their unique life purpose.

Hildegard Gmeiner
Intuitive Awareness & Wellness Consulting
Toronto, ON / Canada

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