Rev. Robert Short

RevShort-150x150From the early years of the 1950’s I was involved in some of the first ham radio Alien contact, and from that, I developed communication with Extraterrestrial sources. It was through these sources that I was led to the famed home of UFO contacts Mr. and Mrs. George W. Van Tassel, owner/managers of the airport called Giant Rock in the high desert of Southern California, where the very first UFO Conventions were held.

It was also during this period that I had my first physical contact. This was soon followed by personal close encounters in which I and my family were involved, as well as demonstrations by their spacecraft in different locations for the benefit of, and confirmation by many other witnesses.

I have since gone on to become the Bishop/President of the Blue Rose Ministry and have been a Spiritual Counselor for some 42 years. I am referred to as an ‘Experiencer and Instrument’ translating messages sent thru an Tensor Beam of Energy. I have been honored to have given consultations for such well known individuals as Dr. Zahi Hawass of the Egyptian Dept. of Antiquities, Marcel Vogel a former senor scientist at IBM, Frank Dorland of the Mayan Crystal Skull fame, Oswald ‘White Bear’ Fredericks author of the “Book of the Hopi’, and dear friends Brad and Sherry Steiger, famed authors of many important books on UFO phenomena. I have counseled with hundreds of people over the years, helping them to better understand their spiritual path, and receive information so that they may pursue directions of a more positive and beneficial nature for their lives upon this Earth.

I have also appeared at UFO Seminars world-wide, and am featured in many UFO documentaries, such as ‘Farewell, Good Brother’, ‘UFO Journals’, ‘UFO Syndrome’, ‘California Stories: Saucers’, ‘World Predictions Beyond 2000’, and recently appeared in two BBC Video Productions soon to be aired in the U.S.

My latest book entitled: ‘Out of the Stars’ is currently in production, and is collaborated with author Landi Mellas. Author David Caywood and Landi co-wrote an excellent book of their experiences called: “The Other Sky”. David’s talented artwork will also be featured on my book’s cover. You may already know Landi from her appearance in Naked Eye Production’s amazing documentary of alien abductees called “ Abduction Diaries” which aired on the Sci-Fi Channel November 22nd, 2002 .

Rev. Short is presently based in Arizona, and their UFO encounters and space sources communications are in the 50th year of continuation! Please visit The Blue Rose Gift Shop for the latest in Audio and Video information, as well as the Solar Space Newsletter and how to obtain your own Private Reading.

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