Stan & Lisa Romanek

Stan-Lisa-RomanekMay be the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contactee. There are a multitude of unexplainable events involving Stan Romanek and hundreds of witnesses that continue on a near monthly basis. Despite the debunks and skeptics that try to discredit Stan’s case, the sheer volume of witnesses, trace, video and photographic evidence continue to bring validity to his story!

Stan-RomanekThis ongoing mystery is becoming more complex with each twist and turn. Aside from any individual interpretations or opinions about these experiences there is much for humanity to learn on these very important matters. Stan Romanek’s case has created a stir in the scientific and UFO communities and this is an amazing look in to a mind bending and real alien abduction case!

Lisa Romanek, author of From My Side of the Bed: Pulling Back the Covers on Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point of View, is the wife of the well-known extraterrestrial abductee/contactee Stan Romanek.

Lisa realized that there are two sides to every story, two sides of every bed. She has learned the importance of taking that which is personal and at times embarrassing, and turning into that which serves the public– those who have walked in the same slippers that she has as spouses of abduction.

Lisa-RomanekLisa works side-by-side with her husband, Stan, as he becomes a national spokesman for abductees worldwide. Both Lisa and Stan have realized that a bigger picture looms on the horizon: A picture that must be painted with integrity and believability because it affects all of humanity. Most people would run from this responsibility, but Lisa knows that what has “crashed upon her” must be turned into a legacy that will benefit her children and others who have suffered quietly while enduring the glare of criticism and judgment of the public.
How do simple, unpretentious folk handle their lives being turned topsy-turvy as they step into information known to the very few? With grace. It’s as simple as that. And Lisa’s writing carries that grace as she thoughtfully unfolds a story that helps others in her situation while sending out the call that we are about to enter a whole new world never dreamed possible.
Lisa takes you on her heart wrenching and at times hilarious journey as the wife of Stan Romanek. Her courage and integrity mix well with her Nebraska born charm. As does her decades of work with the elderly. All of which reflects the tenderness compassion and warmth she embodies and carries as a spokeswoman for those who feel that they are alone in a world of extraterrestrial chaos beyond their control. ​
As the wife of an abductee and mother of three children she has a simple message to share: Live without fear, and love without limit.​​
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