Janet Kira Lessin

Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S., leads seminars and hosts conferences with a focus on the fields of tantra, psychology, relationships, relationship choice, UFOlogy, ancient anthropology, alternative realties, speculative theories, Experiencers, physics and peace. Janet has devoted her life to the healing of the planet. She realizes true healing originates within each individual and expands by the power of love till it envelopes all humanity.

A lifelong Experiencer, she knows Extraterrestrials exist and are actively interacting with humanity.  Through her studies with Zecharia Sitchin and absorbing hundreds of books along with researching ancient anthropology with her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin, she believes the Anuunki is still influencing the course of humanity’s evolution.  She is convinced that through workshops and conferences like the ones she leads, conferences that focus on evolution and spiritual growth combined with personal introspection, reflection and a commitment by individuals to take responsibility and heal, humanity can transform and create a civilized civilization that respects consciousness in all its diversity. Together we break the Godspell, free humanity from negative extraterrestrial influences, ascend, become an enlightened species.

Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.This new paradigm of a conscious society honors individuality and creative expression. The paradigm includes creativity through relationships. Relationships are a high spiritual path for growth and transformation–unlike sexual repression which leads to violence. Humankind needs to honor individual choice in regards to sex to evolve to its highest potential, transcend violence and end war.  Healthy, loving relationships are a positive, passionate path to peace.

Janet and her husband, Sasha are healers, teachers, relationship counselors and psychotherapists. They’ve been married, polyamorously since 1997. They’ve appeared in television shows promoting relationship choice and tantra such as: Leeza Gibbons, Inside Edition, Extra, Time Zone International, Talk or Walk, John Walsh and Penn & Teller’s Bullshit and a documentary, Intimacy. They were featured in Time, Hustler, Honolulu Weekly and Playboy and have appeared on numerous radio shows discussing tantra, polyamory, ancient aliens and UFO’s.

They live and love in Maui, Hawaii, have an active therapy practice and school where they teach tantra, counseling and relationships. They travel frequently to reach a larger audience, teach and help those in need.

She has co-written How To Really Love A Woman with her husband, Dr. Sasha Lessin
Book: Hard Cover: http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000471138/HOW-TO-REALLY-LOVE-A-WOMAN.aspx

Soft Cover: http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000471139/HOW-TO-REALLY-LOVE-A-WOMAN.aspx

Maui, Hawaii
Phone: 808-244-4103
E-mail: janetlessin@gmail.com
Web sites:  www.enkispeaks.com, www.extraterrestrialcontact.com, www.experiencersnetwork.com, www.stargatetothecosmos.com


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